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Philips rolls out an awesome new app for its Hue lighting

Philips Hue lights
Philips Hue lights (Image credit: Philips)

Update: You will need to download the Philips Hue Gen 2 app (opens in new tab) from Google Play. This is a new app, and not an update to the original (which is now marked as Hue Gen. 1.

Philips has released a new official Hue lighting controller app (opens in new tab) on both iOS and Android. This latest release completely revamps the experience with a brand new UI. As well as much-needed design improvements, the Philips Hue app has also received some new functionality, making the release a welcomed one to pump some life back into the official app.

The design and layout refresh now organizes connected bulbs by room to make it even easier to quickly configure specific lights. You'll now be able to enter commands to control all the Hue lighting throughout your home at once. A handy addition is called "Routines", which is essentially a timer for Hue lighting that will toggle connected bulbs depending on the time of day. An example would be a wake-up routine that would gradually modify the color of bulbs to emulate a sunrise.

The color matching feature of the app has been upgraded to automatically pick out the five most vibrant colors from any provided sample and create a customized lighting setup. More than 16 million colors and every shade of white light can be selected from to create your perfect scenes. While it's possible to further tweak any given scene, it's a vastly improved system over what was previously available. Home & Away provides peace of mind by controlling lights automatically to turn them off when you're away from home and back on when you return.

Grab the Gen 2 controller (opens in new tab) from Google Play and let us know how you're getting on with 2.0 in the comments.

  • The new app is not compatible with my Nexus 9, which is the device I use most to interact with the hue bulbs, so not too pleased with the update (will try and sideload the app, but still, the old app worked fine on the Nexus 9)
  • Never used the app before. I only use Tasker, Autohue for Tasker and a zooper widget to control my lights. As for alarms, I use AlarmPad - Alarm clock PRO which has a tasker plugin. So I'm good.
  • I've updated from inside the app but that's only got me up to v1.12.0.0 and there is no update in the Play Store. :-( Isn't' "Routines" what we already have under Alarms?
  • Can't download on my LG G4, still only have Gen 1 app not the new app available Posted via the Android Central App
  • The app isn't available yet, the update turned the current one to Gen 1 which indicates a new app coming.
  • I wish I could upgrade and get some Hue lights, instead of the bluetooth knock-off ones I have :/ sigh
  • Its available. The article links to the wrong app:
  • Android Central, you need to update your link above, it's pointing to the "gen 1" app. The gen 2 app is a whole new app, which you can find here (UK link):
  • New app sucks. It's not an update to "gen 1", so if you update in the app store, you are actually updating the gen 1 app, which gets you a new colored icon. After searching for "gen 2," I found it for my phone (GS6 edge), but not for my Nexus 9. The gen 2 app is not compatible with the gen 1 app, so the scenes that are saved to are not available in gen 2, which means you have to redo all your scenes from scratch. Lame. Also, the gen 2 app is constantly losing connection with hub, so the lights are slow to respond, if they respond at all. The gen 1 app worked MUCH BETTER than gen 2, at least for now. The only positive thing I can say about the gen 2 is the interface is much better and simpler, but if it doesn't work, what's the point?