Password manager Enpass has just released an update to include complete support for Chromebooks, following a couple of initial teasers as the Google Play Store started rolling out to Chrome OS. With the latest update you can install Enpass on your Chromebook and have access to all of your secure passwords and information, and of course any changes or additions you make will be synced back to your other devices.

Password manager Enpass now working seamlessly on Chromebooks

Importantly, the new version of Enpass also offers browser autofill for your logins and passwords, saving you from the extra steps of copying and pasting the information every time you want to log in. In order to get autofill to work you'll need both the full Enpass app installed on your Chromebook and also the "Chromebook Connector" Chrome extension to bridge the gap.

Enpass is one of our favorite password managers because it's simple, powerful and offers clients for every type of device, and with Chromebook support it's now even more valuable. The latest update with Chromebook support comes at no additional cost and works with your existing account.