Passion reportedly 'delayed' till early 2010

The wait for the infamous HTC Passion – the Taiwanese manufacturer's first Android 2.0 phone sporting a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 3.5-inch OLED touchscreen with multitouch (squee!) – may take a little longer than first believed.

"Market sources" apparently have said that the Passion (and that's likely just going to end up as the code name, btw) has been pushed back to "early 2010" so HTC can keep "working to further advance the software." When last we checked, the talk was that the Passion would be out by about now. Of course, what "early 2010" means is anybody's guess and really isn't that far-fetched a prediction, given that we only have three weeks or so left in 2009.

Also stated by this source is that HTC will announce the Espresso, the likely successor to the HTC Hero, at Mobile World Congress in February. That already has been stated by an HTC official, as well.

Digitimes via Gizmodo

Phil Nickinson
  • Hope passion is coming out as soon as possible. Based on HTC 2010's lineup, there is another (maybe it's same) Snapdragon 1GHz Android, Bravo, coming out like around April, just dont know if possible Passion can come out earlier...
  • I'm really disappointed in the loss in screen size. Been waiting on this 3.7in HTC Snapdragon phone for a minute now, and now its not going to have the screen, according to these leaks. Of course, it could still have the screen and I'll be fine, but if it doesn't I might as well get the Droid.
  • Just get the droid. We all knew this phone was going to be delayed into Q1 of 2010 from the start anyways. I think the main reason they downgraded the screen is to compensate the battery drain issues the Snapdragon is producing. I wouldn't put too much faith on getting the better screen. Pound for pound, i'd still take the droid.