Oxygen OS 4.1.7 rolling out to the OnePlus 3 and 3T

While the company has since released the OnePlus 5, OnePlus is still committed to taking care of users of the OnePlus 3 and 3T. To that end, OnePlus has begun rolling out{.nofollow} Oxygen OS 4.1.7 to the 3 and 3T, bringing some welcome improvements.

Most importantly, the phones are now on the August 2017 security patch, up from the May 2017 patch. There are also unnamed battery optimizations and the system as a whole should feel more fluid. I received the update today, and navigating the interface does feel a bit snappier.

As for bug fixes, OnePlus fixed an issue with its App Locker service, which is designed to keep certain applications locked behind a PIN or password. Even better, it seems OnePlus has patched an exploit that would bypass the app locker. The device will also not require Google Hangouts to be installed.

While making the phone more secure is always a top priority, I'm disappointed that the UI OnePlus has been using in the beta software track for the 3 and 3T (as well as on the OnePlus 5) has still not made its way to the stable build for the two devices. Similarly, the apt-X Bluetooth codec is still only available in the beta track, as is a rather cool feature that will let users run two instances of the same application. While I don't mind using beta software, the OxygenOS Open Betas always give me issues with Bluetooth, so I can't use it on a daily driver. I'd love for the new UI to finally get released to the stable track for the 3 and 3T.

Have you received the latest version of OxygenOS? Let us know down below!

  • How is it that the 3 and 3T already have the August Security Patch when the 5 doesn't?
  • The 5 is on July, the 3 was on May. The 3 needed it more. The 5 will invariably get more updates than the 3, it's a good thing that the 3 is getting some love.
  • How does oneplus handle updates better than Google? Google really needs to get it together
  • Wait, what? Google phones already have the August security update. And they got the June and July updates as well, while OnePlus skipped those.
  • My Pixel is still on June. I've contacted them about it, they don't know. It's been escalated and now I'm waiting on a call back.. Yes, I can sideload, but I shouldn't have to. Plus I really don't have time anymore to fiddle around with that stuff like I used to.
  • But you have time to complain online and create an escalated ticket with phone support? Lol
  • To be fair, neither of those things requires gaining access to an actual computer and setting up ADB, both of which can be quite a chore. It's not like Google let you do a local upgrade from a file on the phone... Like... Oneplus... Do... Lol.
  • Bit of a leap to infer one plus handles updates better than Google on the grounds there's something wrong with your phone! Having said that I didn't get the August patch for over a week...
  • Downloading the update right now.. on the one plus 3T, in Israel, Israeli rom or whatever u call it.
  • OnePlus in Israel? Woah! Did you import the darn thing like I did?
  • My Oneplus 3t feels significantly smoother after this updates I felt like the past updates bogged it down a little, but now it feels super snappy and brad new. I really wish google would work on smoothing some of the android transitions and loading animations all throughout the OS, some of they look too fast, while app opening looks great. Call it project butter android 9.0?
  • Best update this far. Touch latency issue is gone and so much smoother.
  • Maybe it's a coincidence, but my battery life has improved since the update. It's been awhile since I got two days on moderate use, but I'm back to it since this update.
  • Don't forget to do factory reset