Our first Galaxy S8 smashed after just five days: How to avoid the same fate

It's pretty much the worst nightmare of any new phone owner. Just days after you've picked up your shiny new, expensive, state-of-the-art handset, it slides/slips/drops/pinwheels/fumbles its way out of your hands, out of your pocket, off some surface and onto the floor. You look on, dismayed, distraught, in disbelief — grief and terror gripping you as you see the telltale spider-leg pattern in the glass.

RIP new phone.

That's what happened to Windows Central contributor Matt Brown just five days into his Galaxy S8+ ownership experience. Here's what happened, how it might've been avoided, and what your options are should you become as unlucky as Matt. Behold, our first smashed Samsung Galaxy S8, the victim of a drop off a three-foot wall.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.