Oppo teases swiveling selfie camera on Oppo N3

With an announcement slated for the end of the month, Oppo is already teasing its new N3 phone. Though the company hasn't announced specifics in terms of specs, but it did publish a photo of the new Oppo N3 phone with what appears to be a rotating rear camera module at the top of the device, which can be swiveled to be used as a front-facing camera similar to the Oppo N1t for high quality selfies.

The photo did not give away the megapixel count of the camera so we don't know at what resolution it will capture images and videos. The social media post was captioned with "It's your turn #OPPON3."

High quality selfies is an idea that many manufacturers are looking into, with HTC's new Desire Eye phone and it's front- and rear-13-megapixel cameras being the latest.

In terms of design, the camera module is surrounded in what appears to be leather or a faux leather patch with stitching, something that Samsung debuted on the Galaxy Note 3.

Source: Google+