The update brings with it a "dramatically" redesigned interface that should improve the overall experience for both veterans of the Opera browser, as well as those who are looking for an alternative to Google Chrome on Android. Here's a list of highlights for the latest release:

  • A simplified menu
  • Overhauled Speed Dial
  • A private-browsing mode
  • Options to customize the browser layout for more thumb-friendly surfing
  • A scalable interface with higher resolution for tablets and large phones
  • Updates to the Discover newsfeed to provide more of the latest content across the web
  • A data counter to show daily progress on data savings, helping users keep data costs under control

Opera Mini Browser

Aside from the update for the browser itself, Opera also outlined new growth targets for the Android platform, aiming to hit 275 million users by 2017. Currently, the browser has been installed by 130 million consumers. The company sourced IDC, who pinned Opera's market share at 81% among smartphone platforms.

Already rocking the latest release? Let us know your thoughts on the update.