OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker review

OontZ Angle 3
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Measuring 5-inches in length, this Bluetooth Speaker is built for easy toting with a natural resistance to minor water damage — whether it be inside or out. Its triangular design makes it stand out from the traditional rectangular box speakers that have flooded the market and is incredibly easy to operate wirelessly or directly connected.


The OontZ Angle 3 is water resistant, but shouldn't be confused with being waterproof. It has an IPX5 rating which means it can handle 12.5L of water per minute from all directions, but can not be partially or completely submerged. It's mostly ideal for jamming your tunes in the shower, by the pool, at the beach, or in the rain. Included with the speaker is a 25-inch auxiliary cable, quick start guide, and a rather short 11.5-inch Micro-USB charging cable.

You'll find the speaker grill on the front and a more rugged plastic grill underneath the speaker which pushes out those lower bass tones. On both sides of the speaker are rubber slipcovers — the right edge featuring a series of buttons for functioning the unit. There's a Bluetooth button for pairing, volume up and down, and a play/pause button the middle. The back of the OontZ Angle 3 sports a single power button with a rubber port cover underneath that keeps the Micro-USB and auxiliary ports safe from water intrusion when not in use. Keeping the speaker from moving around are 2 long rubber feet on the bottom.

Functionality and Sound Quality

Although Cambridge Soundworks doesn't clearly list what size drivers are built into the OontZ Angle 3, they appear to be dual 45mm acoustic drivers that are partnered with a passive subwoofer. One thing is certain — this speaker is loud. When compared to DKnight Magicbox, volume levels are nearly identical when peaked, but there's a slightly richer mix with the OontZ Angle 3, especially if you turn the speaker on its side so the bottom grill isn't restricted. This portable speaker manages to pack a punch for its size and doesn't even distort the mix until you hit that last notch of volume on your device — and even then it's not too noticeable.

Keeping the speaker powered is a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery inside that lasts up to 8 hours on a full charge. Above the power button is a charging LED that flashes red while charging, switching to a solid red when finished. It took roughly 5 hours to charge the battery, but doesn't seem as bad if you leave it plugged in overnight. Since there's a small microphone port on the top right corner, you can use the OontZ Angle 3 as a speakerphone if your device isn't in reach. Pairing should only require you to power on the speaker and search for nearby devices on your smartphone or tablet. For switching between Bluetooth devices or answering/ending a call over the speakerphone, simply tap the Bluetooth button.

Streaming with Chromecast Audio

If you're after extra range and don't want to be bothered by notifications or incoming calls over Bluetooth, connecting Chromecast Audio to the OontZ Angle 3 works like a charm. Having the ports of the speaker and your Chromecast Audio exposed to water probably isn't wise, so it's best to keep both units dry if you can help it. Keep in mind that you're somewhat restricted by Chromecast Audio since it requires an outlet connected to stay powered.

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Final thoughts

The OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker is a powerful sounding unit for its compact size and is a great addition to any water related activity. Aside from the standard black, you can scoop it up in blue, pink, red, or gray for just $29.99.

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Brent Zaniewski