OnStar Android application expanded to include most GM 2011 vehicles

General Motors has expanded the functionality of its OnStar application for Android, and it will now work for most 2011 GM cars and trucks.  Using the OnStar app, drivers will be able to remotely unlock, start the car and sound the horn.  Also, and a little more practical, is the ability to check diagnostics and see things like how full your gas tank is, tire pressure, and see when the vehicle was last used.  All of this can be done over any internet connection.

We went hands-on with the OnStar app when it first showed up at CES, and got an even closer look at how it works with the Chevy Volt at Google I/O.  Looks like a well-thought out app, that could be really useful if you drive a late-model GM car.  Would love to hear some feedback from anyone using it! [Electronista]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Although I do not have a 'LATE-MODEL' GM vehicle, I do have a 2008 (GM)Chevrolet Silverado LTZ that is OnStar equipped, and I don't understand why this feature can't be implemented on All OnStar equipped vechiles?? It seems like it would strictly be software/computer based instructions and logically makes sense that it would work with any OnStar equipped vehicle?? Any ideas??
  • I, too, would love to have this for my 2009 Silverado and my wife's Cadillac SRX. The onstar functions are all the same, they should make this available for download, or at least some sort of dealer-based setup.
  • I have a 2010, WTF? Is that not new enough to use this app, I pay for onStar......SO ANNOYING!
  • where do you download this app? I don't see it in the ,market????
  • Wow, alot of Silverados + Android pairings. Nice decisions people. I have a 2008 Silverado and am equally puzzled why this isn't available for me :-/. I also can't see it for download, but I'm running 2.2 so who knows.
  • Go to www.onstarmobiledemo.com and click the "Droid only" download link. I got the .apk on my Captivate now, but need the sideloader program to install it. I'll see what happens.
  • Get it here.
    http://onstarmobiledemo.com/ It says its only available for the Motorola Droid but I installed it on my Samsung Vibrant. Im going to try to configure it and see if it works properly.
  • It looks like it is pre-configured for a Chevy Volt only right now. Its not a way to change it to another Vehicle.
  • It's not pre-configured for the Volt. That's a demo. It's just an example of what the app can do. I called On-Star today and they said it hasn't been released yet. Keep looking. The roll out will start soon. I assume it will be available in the app market in the near future. And I will grab it for sure. My wife just got a 2011 Buick Lacrosse and I'm excited at what the app can do.
  • Pretty cool. I want this to be real now not a demo! I have a 2010 camaro and get an insurance discount for having onstar. so im going to keep it! this app would come in handy!
  • Cant use this app because it does not support the Hummers. Why cant you make it to support ALL onstar vehicles?