OnePlus teams up with Gameloft to launch the OnePlus Asphalt Cup in India

OnePlus is partnering with mobile game studio Gameloft to launch an online racing championship in India called the OnePlus Asphalt Cup, where players compete in timed events in Asphalt 8: Airborne to win prizes. The championship will be spread out over the course of four weeks, with four time-limited events of five days each. The first event is set to kick off from June 18 and will run through June 18, and the contest is open to everyone in the country.

Players participating in the contest will be eligible to win cash prizes — from a pool of nine lakhs ($13,350) — as well as the OnePlus 6 and other accessories like the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. The top three winners over the month-long event will get a cash prize as well as OnePlus' latest phone, and OnePlus is also handing out in-game rewards totaling two crores ($296,500) to those taking part in the contest.

Here's the breakdown of the contest, straight from OnePlus:

  • The contest is spread over 4 weeks with 4 time-limited events of 5 days each
  • Players are allowed to play unlimited times to become the top-scorer in the month-long event
  • The top 5 players each week win a pair of OnePlus' latest Bullets Wireless Bluetooth earphones and the top 25 players win exclusive goodies from OnePlus and Gameloft
  • 3 winners after the month-long event will win a combined cash prize worth INR 9 lakhs along with OnePlus 6 smartphones and Bullets Wireless Bluetooth earphones
  • Furthermore, these participants will receive In-Game rewards in Asphalt 8 worth INR 20 Million every week

Interested? Hit up the link below to register for the Asphalt Cup.

Register for the OnePlus Asphalt Cup{.cta}

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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