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OnePlus needs to swallow its pride and support wireless charging

30W Warp Charge
30W Warp Charge (Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

As we steadily make our way through 2020, we're getting a good idea of what phones we have to look forward to during the first half of the year. Samsung's expected to kick things off in February with the Galaxy S20, Google's Pixel 4a is looking to be the year's budget champ, and OnePlus is preparing to wow us with a trio of handsets with the OnePlus 8 lineup.

OnePlus phones are always particularly exciting for me. As someone that bought a OnePlus One and used to spend way too much of my free time in the phone's official forums, OnePlus has held a special place in my heart. Even when taking out the sentimental side of things, there's no denying the company's ability to kick out legitimately great devices at price tags that regularly undercut the competition.

OnePlus built itself on the idea of never settling, and it's done this by releasing flagship-tier phones with very few compromises. However, there's been one continued compromise that gets more and more apparent with each year that passes — the lack of wireless charging.

OnePlus 7 Pro

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

No OnePlus phone has ever supported wireless charging. Even with the company's most expensive devices — like the $669 OnePlus 7 Pro and $900 OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren — wireless charging is nowhere to be found.

It's no secret that OnePlus hasn't been an advocate for Qi wireless charging, but CEO Pete Lau recently made some comments regarding this decision during an interview on The Vergecast.

When asked about why OnePlus doesn't offer wireless charging, this is what Lau said:

Because our wired charging is too good.What we've been focused on is bringing fast wireless charging and that fast charging experience to wireless. The issue to overcome though is the heat in that process, so that's very much what we've been focused on — trying to create a solution for. I've tried 10W charging for wireless and I can't get used to it. I feel like it's too slow and it's just not worth it compared to plugging it in to Warp Charge and that fast charging experience.

I'm sorry, but that's a terrible excuse.

OnePlus makes no secret about how proud it is of its Warp Charge wired charging, as it very well should. Warp Charge is one of the best wired charging solutions that exists, and it's easily one of my favorite parts about using a OnePlus phone. However, good wired charging isn't a proper replacement for wireless charging — even if it's not as fast.

OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7 Pro

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

Saying Warp Charge is "too good" is a lazy excuse for not giving people the option to charge however they want.

I currently carry two phones with me — the Pixel 4 XL (opens in new tab) and iPhone 11 Pro (opens in new tab) — and I can't tell you the last time I plugged one in to charge it up. I have a wireless charger on my desk next to my computer, and each morning, I charge the phones that way. It keeps them within arm's reach, makes my desk nice and neat, and the charging speeds are perfectly fine. There's a level of convenience wireless charging offers that you just don't get with wired charging, and anytime I use a OnePlus phone, it throws a wrench into my workflow.

There have been some rumors suggesting that OnePlus will offer wireless charging on the upcoming OnePlus 8, but Pete Lau's recent comments put a damper on that idea.

To some degree, I can appreciate what OnePlus is trying to do. Warp Charge is now a well-established thing in the tech world, and when people think of OnePlus, they think of ridiculously fast charging. If you charge a OnePlus phone, you expect it to be snappy.

I'm all for OnePlus working its butt of to create a wireless charging system that allows for Warp Charge speeds in a wireless form factor, but until that time comes, at least give people the option to have slower wireless charging speeds rather than hold the feature hostage. Fast wireless charging is better than slow wireless charging, but slow wireless charging is better than no wireless charging at all.

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Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Rubbish! Sorry, but I disagree. I've had a phone with wireless charging before and I've used it for a about a week before switching back to the wire. It's not something I miss in the slightest on my OP. To paraphrase: I currently carry one phone with me and I can't tell you the last time I considered using wireless charging. I have a wired charger on my desk next to my computer, and each morning, I charge my phones that way. It keeps it within arm's reach, makes no difference to the existing mass of wires on my desk, and the charging speeds are rapid. There's a level of convenience with wired charging that wireless charging just slows down.
  • I'm with you on this. I've had wireless charging on my phones since my Lumias and I did have chagers dotted around the house but I got Xperia xz Pro and it did not have it but had USB C and since then I put the pads away and plugged in my phone. Yes it's handy to have wireless charging but not a reason I buy a phone for.
  • That is not even close to really true. The good wireless charging has fast wireless charging and you cant even tell the difference. As for the level of convenience. It is alot more convenient to lay a device on a pad instead of trying to plug it in. Which after time does loosen the USB jack. I have changed my whole company over to wiresless chargers. Not only does it help to keep things neater (we have gone all wireless setup in the office. ) But the it really is just easier.
  • Not everyone gives a crap about wireless charging, I don't don't force your opinion and views on people that don't care about wireless charging, and I for one support OnePlus' decision not to include wireless charging, it's not necessary and no tech review should be telling OnePlus what to include on their phones, OnePlus will only include wireless charging when there's a faster solution and when there's enough demand from OnePlus users, for which I am a OnePlus user who don't give a crap about wireless charging. Never have and never will and Warp Charge is so good that wireless charging isn't important.
  • zelendel, you are way off here. I ran my phone until it died to test my charging speed on my oneplus 7t Pro. 0 to 69% in 30 minutes. No wireless charging is even half that fast. The wired charging is so fast, I don't keep any chargers on my desk at all. I plug my phone in in the morning before I shower and I am usually in the 95% range by the time I walk out my door.
  • I agree with your comments. Having used wireless charging with a Samsung I don't miss it at all with my OP. (Neither do I miss my Samsung - but that's another story) OP charging is so fast it doesn't really matter. Why do we need OP to have another extra feature most of us don't want and then have the price of a phone increased, which then defeats the whole purpose!
  • I have wireless charging in my car. Any new car has it. I also have a night table and a desk with it built-in. People forget Qi standard is beyond a simple wireless desk charger. Personally, can't imagine me buying a phone without it but I understand it's a case-by-case situation. I have a friend who doesn't buy One+ phones for this very reason though. And I wouldn't either. I think their tech doesn't allow for wireless charging because everything is in the charger. They would have to redesign the hardware probably.
  • My old Nexus 4 had wireless charging, useless, my cat kept knocking the phone off the base. i also found it was very slow.
    My huawie p10lite do not have wireless charging and i do not miss it at all, saying that it do not mean that other people think the same way. My brother have wireless charging on his works phone, so he gets home, dump the phone on the charger and that is it until the next day, so for that sort of thing it is ok i suppose.
  • I agree with this. Plus, OnePlus needs to make good cameras and have certified IP68 rating. If they did all three of those things, I'd consider purchasing one.
  • I'd be disappointed if they included an IP rating at this point. It's just marketing fluff.
  • IP rating isn't marketing fluff. I've used my IP rated Xperia 1 under water various times (filming in a pool), and the phone came out just fine.
  • And I have used my Non IP rated oneplus 7 Pro in the same way and it came out fine. Thing is, if my phone or yours ever had a water intrusion issue, the results would be the same. Broken phone not covered by warranty.
  • So basically you want them to charge 1100 for everything that you want them to put in instead of the 700-900 they charging for there premium phone
  • I like the fact after 6 months you can get this device for $500 direct. I'll skip wireless charging and IP rating for that.
  • OnePlus cameras are already good enough, stop comparing OnePlus to Samsung, Google and Apple. My 7T is the only phone other than my Pixel 2 XL where I've been happy with the camera where I've not been bothered about using a GCam APK and an IP rating is not necessary either, as it's all marketing bs and you're not covered for water damage anyway and all this would jack up the price of OnePlus phones so no thank you, I like the first that my 7T is affordable while leaving out unnecessary and unimportant crap like wireless charging and and IP68 rating for which OnePlus phones (including my 7T) are pretty waterproof and the 7 Pro is fully waterproof in that OnePlus didn't pay for an official IP68 rating because it would add to the cost and rightly felt it isn't worth it.
  • The one and only thing that holds me back from OnePlus is the lack of wireless charging. I wouldn't mind the official IP rating but since that adds on to the price (and we like the lower pricing for flagship specs) as long as it holds up well to water and is proven via youtube then I'm fine with the way they are handling water ingress. Please please please add wireless charging; it has made my dad life so much more simple.
  • Same here. I don't wireless charge for speed, I do it for convenience. I have even turned off the fast wireless charging on every one of my Samsung phones that offers it cause I don't like how hot it gets. Now when I forget to set it on the charger at night and need a quick top up in the morning, I'll plug it in, but without wireless, the phone isn't an option.
  • Yup wireless charging === convenience. I've turned off the fast charging before as well but since I started using a smart plug for my charger pad (on a schedule based on my needs) I leave the fast charging on. The pad is only on for 2 hours a night and off all day except on weekends, I turn the pad/plug on at 10 in case I need a quick top-off for going out or whatever. But this is based on my needs and preferences so it isn't for everyone.
  • Yes I charge wirelessly while my phone is gps. That way I don't have to deal with cords whenever I get in and out of the car and it reduces wear on the device. No wireless charging is a deal breaker.
  • I would love to do that but I have tried 2 different wireless chargers in the case (the ones you dock to your vent/dashboard) and they heat the phone up so much that I barely get 2-3% out of them before the phone gets so hot it shuts off the charging. Now, if I point a vent with cold air at it then it works fine but its in the teens outside right now; not a temperature I wish to have blasting into the car. I wish they'd make a wireless car charger with a built-in fan like the table-top ones so it wouldn't get so hot.
  • Ridiculous. I couldn't care less about wireless charging. I have a wired Warp charger at home and work for my OP 7 Pro, and my car has USB ports for Android Auto, which charges the car during my commute. I have zero need for wireless charging. Talk about an article in search of a problem. Congrats on filling space I guess.
  • Do they, though? OnePlus believes wireless charging isn't good enough to include in their phones. That is a very good reason to not include it. If you don't accept that as the *real* reason, that's a separate issue.
  • Real reason is their charging tech. They would have to redesign the hardware because everything is in the charger.
  • Agreed. Especially since there are places in public now where wireless charging is provided where I don't want to be lugging one plus' giant brick around. My office gave everyone a wireless charging stand for their desk to help minimize all the wiring eyesores. I'd like to use it. I love my 6T but I'm looking at pixel 4 now, in part, for wireless charging.
  • Wireless charging is a non-issue for me. I have no use for it. I'd much rather use wired so I can have multiple chargers for relatively little cost with faster charging. Car, house, office.
  • I had a OnePlus 5T and I will say that not having wireless charging was something I didn't know I missed. My phone before that was a Galaxy S7 and I loved the ease of just plopping it down and walking away or sitting at my desk. Granted it was much slower to charge but while I was at work it didn't matter. I was there for 8-9 hours so a little here and there on the wireless charger got me through my entire day. When I got the 5T I enjoyed the fast wired charging and over the time with the phone I simply forgot about wireless charging on the whole. But then after getting a new phone with wireless charging, I have to say I don't think I'll ever go without the ability to wireless charge again. It's something that's convenient for me and the speeds have gotten faster to where (for me) it's fast enough. To that end I do think it's a valid reason for OnePlus to exclude it as their core customer doesn't want it as they would rather have the super fast plugged in option.
  • I think a bigger issue than not having wireless charging is not being able to see if you have notifications without turning on the display. They don't use "Always on Display" nor do they use a notification light. As far as I know every other cell phone has had this ability for years now except maybe the iPhone. Wireless charging is nice but they need to get the essentials down first.
  • I wish some android phone makers would make iphone 8 sized devices. It's getting out of hand. Most phones now are the size of my galaxy tab a 8
  • I suppose OnePlus has to draw the line somewhere if they are to continue offering great phones at affordable prices. Otherwise they would be going head to head with Samsung at the high end and we all know how that would end.
  • This is a dumb article. What OnePlus needed to so is provide faster charging tech like Reno Ace 65watt which will get you to full day charge with just 10 mins early morning and 10 mins in the night before bed.
    Compare this with slow 10 watt wireless charging where you need a separate charging pad and also keep down your phone, which is really stupid.
  • Why bother with wireless if you can quick charge much more efficiently? 30 minutes on quick charge during your commute to/from work is enough to keep your phone charged
  • Yup, wired charging is far more effective in day to day life but I wouldn't be opposed to wireless charging. Options are nice, even if you may not use them.
  • Wireless charging is very much one of the reasons I will not consider a 1+ device. I have wireless chargers all over my house (and one at my office as well) and have no intention of adding additional cables to that setup. My setup is I have an Iphone for work and use Android for personal use. There is simply no way I'm going to have both Lightning and USB-C chargers stationed around my house. Wireless charging allows for one charger to be used for both devices. I also love being able to just pick up my device off the charging pad and go. Less stress on the port and don't have to worry about accidentally forgetting to unplug and damaging the port and/or the charging cable. I understand that for many folks, wireless charging is of little to no use and is a non-factor in purchasing decisions. But for many others for a number of reasons, wireless charging is an absolute must have feature. Hope folks can understand that while they may not personally need it, that doesn't mean it isn't something that 1+ shouldn't strongly consider adding to their phones, especially if 1 + wants to attract the group of folks that value wireless charging and utilize it everyday.
  • I couldn't stand carrying multiple chargers either. But that is why I went with OP phones to begin with. Dual Sim. I have my personal Sim and my work Sim and carry one phone with 2 numbers. Its fantastic.
  • Excellent summary. I don't see why they're so obsessed about making it really fast, simply having wireless charging at all would be a massive bonus.
  • Do you carry your wireless charger on long flights to use it in the airport during a layover? Or do you think the ability to charge your phone really quickly in 15-20 minutes might come in handy. Just remember, your use case is not the only use case.
  • For the more expensive Pro version of OnePlus phones I agree wireless charging should be supported but not with the regular 8 and 8 lite as they are the more affordable OnePlus phones, personally I think OnePlus should stick to their guns as wireless charging isn't important at least to me, not when we have Warp Charge.
  • Not important "TO YOU" key word. Just because YOU don't want it does not mean it's a useless feature. Ahhh the always fanboyish beno. Great for some idiotic postings here
  • Read my post again, I said the more expensive Pro version should have wireless charging, but not the regular one or the upcoming lite version, but yeah I don't care about wireless charging, never have and never will, just because you want wireless charging doesn't mean I or everyone else should have it fored upon them, learn to respect others opinions. You're the one who who's post is idiotic, moron.
  • ha ha. The only MORON is you there buddy. what's the best phone this week? the one in YOUR pocket. Hows' the screen on that pixel 2xl? crappy right? how's the OS on nokia, crappy now right? this week the most "amazingist" phone eva is the one plus right? Give it a break dipshit.
  • You may not care about it now but you may be forced to use it once Apple removes the charging port......
  • You know I thought wireless charging was a waste if time as the last time I tried it years ago it was 5W and ridiculously slow. Once I bought a OP 5T with Dash Charge I didn't look back.
    But I've just bought a Xiaomi mi 9 which charges at 27W Vs the 20W offered by Dash Charge. What's more it supports 20W wireless charging which is the same as Dash Charge wired.
    So it's not even a compromise.
    Fast wireless charging is already available, it's just that OnePlus haven't figured out how to do it. I've actually justt bought a Xiaomi 10W wireless charging pad and to be honest, it's more than fast enough for bedside charging.
    So yes, good article. Wireless charging has moved on. OnePlus haven't.
  • Or they moved on to the faster and more certain fast wire charging. It is performance over lazy convenience.
  • Xiaomi are garbage, I will never buy their phones with their ugly Mi UI bloatware software and I don't give a crap about wireless charging and OnePlus don't need it as Warp Charge is good enough and charges way faster than your cheap Xiaomi crap, have run with no updates while I'll be getting update frequently from
    my OnePluss 7T which is way better than your crappy Mi 9 and Oxygen OS is so much better than Xiaomi's garbage bloatware and adware infested Mi UI.
  • MY POINT PROVEN. thanks for that nimrod!
  • This is ridiculous. OP has a top two fast charger on hands. And that’s just me being nice to the competition because I haven’t tried their fast charging. It’s really fast. Wireless charging is an optional luxury that isn’t needed for every high end phone on the market.
  • " Wireless charging is an optional luxury that isn’t needed for every high end phone on the market." That's exactly how I see it. It doesn't really give anything incredible that I'm not getting with wired. I used it on my Galaxy S7 everyday but after that I just kinda forgot it.
  • RE: Some of the comments on here. If you don't like wireless charging, don't use it. You don't lose anything for it being present, the components involved cost next to zero. I fail to see the sense in getting angry that somebody might have a positive experience of Wireless Charging, who is frustrated that it isn't available on a OnePlus device that they might otherwise invest in.
  • I've never cared about wireless charging, I don't need or have any use for it and it would drive up the cost of OnePlus phones, so no thank you, I like my OnePlus phones to remain affordable so along with an IP68 rating, wireless charging is another unnecessary luxury.
  • You know that the components to allow for Qi Wireless Charging only cost something like $2? I obviously can't prove a negative, but I'd wager the increase in sales for having this feature as an option would convert many people who are currently invested in Wireless Charging and deliver economies of scale that would more than offset the outlay and make the implementation at least cost-neutral. Rest assured, this is posturing/pride from OnePlus and I believe them when they say they're waiting until they can bring something interesting to the table in the wireless charging space...whether they should is another question. I may be an odd case, but I've had Qi in every phone I've owned since ~2012 with the Lumia 920 and the convenience it delivers is an important consideration for me...possibly a deal-breaker in the case of the OnePlus 7 Pro.
  • One of the other downsides of Wireless charging is excess heat, that tends to deteriorate the batteries faster. My My 2.5 year old oneplus 5 still has close to the battery life I bought it with. Maybe OnePlus is trying to figure out a way to wireless fast charge without killing batteries?
  • My iPhone 8 has been charged wirelessly since new. I'm still at 95% of new battery health. Better than my iPhone 6s using lightning for the same time period where I had to get the battery replace at 70%. So wireless charging has no effect on battery health.
  • "Never settle" lol 
  • I have no use for wireless chargers. My phone is either plugged on my nightstand overnight, or it's plugged in to my other charger next to my couch (I'm usually using it there while it's charging) .
  • As long as they continue to have great battery life and some of the fastest charging speeds available I'm OK without it. If not, then yes Wireless charging would be a nice addition. At the end of the day I see wireless charging as a nice bonus, but not table stakes.
  • Puhleeze...I don't know a single person who gives a hoot about wireless charging.
  • I'm with OnePlus on this one, I have a Pixel 3 and if given the choice I'll use the wire, wireless is still too slow and while it is convenient, it's not a selling point for a device. I'd gladly take DASH charging in a device, and would easily buy a OnePlus device again, if they targeted a nice 5 to 5.5 inch screen device.
  • This is why phones have gotten so expensive. I remember when Samsung used plastic removable backs, and all the tech bloggers criticized them for not making them with premium materials, like iPhones. Now we have overpriced, more fragile devices. In my opinion the tech bloggers/vloggers are out of touch with what people want in phones.
  • Noooo - I was really betting on the OP8 having wireless charging. It's a deal breaker for me if it doesn't :(
  • Lazy Millenial attributes. Hooking up a faster charger is soooo much trouble! Exactly why they prefer ht degraded quality of BT earworms over a wired in good headset.
  • Ports and cables wear out. Wireless does not
  • Joe Maring, what is that beautiful wireless charger in the first photo that looks like a tree slice? I want one!
  • Waaay past time for wireless charging and an actual IP rating on Oneplus devices.
  • I've got a One Plus 7 Pros & and a Note 10, I've got some wireless chargers laying around and guess what? I don't even use them why? Because Wireless Charging Tech isn't there yet!!! It's not fast enough for me to care, my wire's are faster.
    Even so the way I think about wireless charging should be the way of Powerbanks that's all. So I don't mind that One Plus doesn't use it, that's what makes them different from the competition. Now if they released a Powerbanks with Wrap Charge Oooooooooo! That would be amazing.
    ( I Know that's has nothing to do with Wireless charging/ Qi whatever) but again the Tech isn't there just yet
  • I’d any time use wire over wireless even though I have a wireless charger sitting on my desk while working.
    Wired is so much faster, you can pickup and move around a bit even while it charges. I reckon OnePlus saves about $30 which makes it’s phone a bit cheaper. I’d take a cheaper phone without wireless charge anytime.
  • Disagree. Wireless charging is a nice gimmick, but it's really inefficient, and wears out your battery faster than wired charging. But sure, if you are ok with reducing the charge capacity of the battery, go crazy with wireless charging.
  • Inductive charging is grossly inefficient. There are 3.5 billion smartphones in use. Can you imagine if ALL of them wasted 46% of the electricity used in charging? And what about the millions of wireless pads in coffee shops and restaurants, sucking power even when not in use? Did you forget to charge last night, or can your phone not make it without hopping from charger to charger all day long? Plug in and be done with it before a fussy wireless pad can get your phone up to 37%.
  • I disagree this article is garbage because not only is it much slower understanding to do work charging but it doesn't make sense if you're tired and you grab my phone and you don't put it back exactly properly it's better to just plug it in + - charge and warp charge charge a million times faster and they're better on your battery so it's not getting ridiculous it's just a lazy generic thing like reverse charging so get over it and print an article with something that makes sense for a company like one plus who would end up having to charge extra for putting it
  • Wireless charging is so overrated. It's much slower and it shortens the shelf life of the battery due to the heat. IMO, it's completely useless.
  • I've had wireless charging and I don't miss it - it's as much of an issue as SD cards.