OnePlus and DJI team up with back to school bundles

As the new school year approaches, a lot of companies are looking to offer back to school deals to entice students. OnePlus and DJI are combining forces to offer a rather enticing bundle.

Right now, OnePlus and DJI are offering a bundle with the DJI Osmo Mobile (MSRP: $299) and a OnePlus 5 (MSRP: $479) for only $724, a savings of $54 compared to buying the items individually. Another bundle features the OnePlus Travel Backpack (regular price: $69) combined with the DJI Osmo Mobile for only $342, a savings of $26.

For the drone enthusiasts, the companies are offering the OnePlus Travel Backpack alongside the DJI Mavic Pro (MSRP: $999) for $1,028, a savings of $40 compared to buying the items separately. Also on offer is the newer and less expensive DJI Spark (regular price: $499) and a OnePlus Travel Backpack for $538, a savings of $30.

OnePlus is also offering other bundles on its own. These are the Dash Power bundle (a Dash wall charger and compatible cable) for 25% off, the Join the Family bundle (a Travel backpack and "Never Settle" T-shirt) for 30% off, the Get Charged bundle (a OnePlus messenger bag and a Dash Charge T-shirt) for 30% off, and the Ready for Action bundle (a protective case, tempered glass screen protector, bullet headphones, and a Dash charging cable and wall adapter) for 25% off.

For those that are unsure of these bundles or don't want a OnePlus phone, check out our 2017 back to school guide!

Are you interested in any of the OnePlus and DJI bundles? Let us know down below!

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Tom Westrick