OnePlus 3 will be unveiled inside a VR space station called The Loop

OnePlus is returning to VR to announce the OnePlus 3. The company previously deployed the technology with free cardboard headsets for fans to enjoy a virtual unveiling of the OnePlus 2, and now OnePlus is looking to send out free headsets again for its fourth smartphone.

Instead of taking those who have access to VR gear to the OnePlus offices again, the company will in fact be announcing the OnePlus 3 in a virtual space station called The Loop. 30,000 free viewers will be available for shipping, but these aren't made of cardboard. Partnering up with AntVR, OnePlus is giving away Loop VR Headsets to provide a vastly improved experience.

Unfortunately, there's a slight issue if you're wanting one of the 30,000 headsets for the upcoming OnePlus 3 launch. The Loop VR Headsets are only seemingly available in the U.S. and India (via Amazon). Should you reside in either country, it's definitely worth seeing if you can be among the lucky few to receive the free VR headsets.

Rich Edmonds