August makes some really great smart locks, and today you can save up to 50% on the purchase thanks to this big Cyber Monday sale. There are two models included here, the August Smart Lock and the Smart Lock Pro with Wi-Fi Bridge. The former is down to just $55.30 from a list price of $150, and the latter is $119, which is $160 off.

No keys needed

August Smart Locks

There are two different options available here, the Smart Lock and the Smart Lock Pro with Wi-Fi bridge. These are up to 63% off thanks to this one-day sale, so don't miss out.

Starting at $55

If you opt for just the Smart Lock, you will need to add the August Connect Wi-Fi bridge, though the Pro kit comes with it. Both options allow you to remotely lock and unlock your front door right from your phone. August's smart locks work with Alexa, Zwave, and Siri via HomeKit.

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Getting started is very simple. It directly replaces your existing deadbolt and connects right to your Wi-Fi for near-instant access. If you want to make your front door smarter, this one-day sale is the way to do it.

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