NVIDIA takes Samsung and Qualcomm to court over patent infringements

NVIDIA has announced that the company is taking both Samsung and Qualcomm to court for infringing on 7 patents covering computer graphics. The popular GPU manufacturer is asking the International Trade Commission and US district court in Delaware to enforce product bans to the US and request compensation. This move is a serious push in NVIDIA licensing its patents and technology.

One of the patents covers the GPU in general, which places all processing power and functionality onto a single chip, as well as shaders and multithreaded parallel processing tech. The company has detailed numerous Android-based Samsung products on its blog, which include the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5, NVIDIA notes that the company has repeatedly approached Samsung for licensing negotiations to take place, but was told it's down to Samsung suppliers.

That all said, should a decision be made in NVIDIA's favor, it could be a serious blow to Samsung looking at just how many devices are included. We'll have to see how this pans out, but Samsung should be used to the courts by now when it comes to patents.

Source: NVIDIA, (2), via: SlashGear

Rich Edmonds