Notion Ink Adam

Notion Ink has finally got the Adam rolling off the assembly lines -- along with the FCC's blessing -- but more trouble seems to be plaguing the start-up just as it looked like things were turning around. The company held a competition late last year where they asked their pre-order customers to submit designs for a new logo for their company. The creators of all 43 submissions were promised discounts on their Adam and the winner was set to get a free Adam alongside $1000. The winner was announced back early November but the contestants have apparently heard nothing back from the company since then. 

Customers have been posting questions about this on various articles on NI's blog, but the company has so far remained silent. A user named Naz wrote the following in frustration:

Do you still read these comments? I’ve sent a number of emails to you and no one is replying. Quite disappointed.

I was a top 10 logo finalist, and i have not received anything about my “heavy discount” or anything like that. I’m surprised after the effort we put in for you, you would ignore me now.

While it is important to keep in mind that Notion Ink is a startup company still trying to launch their first product, that does not excuse failing to follow up on promises to a number of their most-loyal pre-order customers who rose to the challenge of helping the company find a new logo. 

Notion Ink, the ball is in your court now. [Notion Ink blog] Thanks to Anon for the tip.