Nothing shows off Another (1), a completely boring smartphone

Nothing Another (1) phone teaser
(Image credit: Nothing)

What you need to know

  • Nothing has "announced" a new phone dubbed "Another (1)" with a triple camera and edge-to-edge display.
  • The phone is just oh so boring and just like every other smartphone on the market.
  • Another (1) is obviously an April fools joke, but it raises some questions about just how unique Nothing's phone will be when it arrives.

Nothing had everyone curious when it teased what may have been the design of its upcoming smartphone or a completely new device. On March 31, the company posted an image of the bottom of a smartphone with the caption "(1) more thing" as a nod to Apple's earlier launches. It would've been easy to get excited, given the fact that Carl Pei has yet to reveal the design of the upcoming smartphone. But come April 1, you would've been disappointed.

Nothing posted an image of the front and back of a phone dubbed Another (1), an imaginary phone that is quite boring and unoriginal, at least according to Nothing.

"Say hello to just Another (1). You've seen a phone just like this before. Experience edge-to-edge monotony. It's inspiringly uninspired. Utterly unoriginal. And exactly the same as everything else. Coming to bore you soon."

Nothing Another (1)

(Image credit: Nothing)

It's obviously an April Fools' Day joke, with Nothing poking fun at other high-end smartphones for looking mostly the same; large, edge-to-edge screens with hole-punch cameras, rear camera bumps, back glass. Frankly, that's pretty much par-for-the-course for many of the best Android phones. But one has to wonder what exactly Nothing has cooked up for its smartphone if it's choosing to poke fun at design. How is its design going to stand out from the crowd?

The tweet links to a page on Nothing's website to further tease what we should expect from the Nothing phone (1).

"All jokes aside, it's easy to follow everyone else, but that's not who we are. You know what actually is coming? phone (1). And it's unlike anything else."

That's quite a bold claim, considering quite a few OEMs have begun releasing foldable smartphones and we're not expecting Nothing to release one. But unfortunately, there's still some time before we're expected to get a full look at the actual device. Rest assured, we'll remember this, Nothing.

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