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No, the Nexus S 4G isn't shipping April 6

Hate to burst anyone's bubble, but the Sprint Nexus S 4G won't be shipping from Best Buy on April 6. Over the past couple of days you might have seen the "Pure Google" phone switch to "Coming soon" on Best Buy's site, with a target shipping date of  April 1-5, or April 6, depending on who you asked. Doesn't really matter, because it's all wrong.

First off, the dates have been removed from Best Buy's website. Secondly, we asked Best Buy, which quickly told us indeed it was in error, and that it's not shipping today, or tomorrow, or April 6. "We don't have a date yet," Best Buy tells us. (Oh, and then there's that whole thing about reps getting some Nexus S 4G training starting April 18.)

So don't look for the Nexus S 4G before Thursday, at least, and more than likely another for couple weeks after that.

  • I wish for once these carriers would give us a date, even though it could be 3 months will beat hearing all of these rumors all the time...
  • Considering I can't buy the T-Mo version from Best Buy, I guess they're kind of forcing me to wait it out. (Awesome move on their part by the way. Exclusive Nexus S dealer but no one can start a new plan with T-Mobile through Best Buy)
  • I just picked one up off contract. Had to hunt a bit for it though i the LA area. Might keep it, might not...G2X is intriguing. I sure like being able to do upcoming NFC stuff though.
  • How can't anyone start a new plan with T-Mobile through Best Buy? I work at a BB Mobile and we do it all of the time. A little confused by your statement...
  • Best Buy is too busy shopping around for another email marketing provider that will leak out our email addresses. It may take them a while to release a new device. :)
  • It s a shame that Google Nexus S 4G be a Samsung, they should keep it up with HTC and then it could be a choice for us, but with greats new HTC smartphones around the corner plus the Tunderbolt I dont think this phone stand up.
  • I definitely would've preferred an HTC build. The Desire S with NFC and stock Gingerbread would have made the perfect Nexus. The aluminum unibody feels much better in the hand than Sammy's plastic finish. But Samsung's phone is still pretty good. What really matters is being able to get updates directly from G.
  • Best buy associate allowed me to play with one on Friday 4/1/2011. Not bad, and looks good.
  • with one what? Old Nexus S or Nexus S 4G? Good idea about playing with one though, I'm gonna have to do that soon!
  • I work.for.sprint i havent seen any training documents scheduling for nexus training and i doubt well recive it we got nothing for the echo only for wp7 since its a fifteenth os but knowing sprint theyll figure same trouble shooting steps that apply to other androids apply to it and im a tech support rep also we never got any heads up on a release date
  • Different. Os****
  • im so F***ing excited for this phone!!! im gonna pre-order it this week!!!
  • I was able to add the Nexus S to my Best Buy cart before they replaced the "Pre Order" button with the disabled "Coming Soon" button. The estimate arrival date that I was given with express shipping was 05/01-05/02/2011. I had already pre-ordered through Sprint, but I just wanted to see what shipping date the site would give. [Have a screenshot of the page, that shows the date.] May does line up with Sprint's typical release of new phones. Last year they release the EVO 4G and BB Bold 9650, May 26, 2010. I'm definitely looking forward to getting this phone!