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Niantic kicks off global Ingress event, #13Magnus

Last weekend Niantic started off a major series of events in their location-based game, Ingress. The mostly-autonomous branch of Google working on this (and who also brought us the Field Trip app) started a little something called Operation #13Magnus in L.A., San Jose, and Bangkok, and plans to have more events across the world all the way up to December 14. 

These events pit Enlightened against Resistance in limited-time scenarios. The outcome of these battles will shape the game's unfolding story over the next couple of months. Beyond that, Niantic folks will be on hand to dish out swag, talk shop, and have a friendly get-together at a nearby restaurant afterwards. 

If you haven't tried it yet, Ingress has players take one of two sides in an attempt to claim real-world landmarks for their side using an Android app, and connect them with other landmarks in order to claim large swathes of territory. Players gain resources over time, so long as they can hold onto these landmarks against the attacks of the other side. The premise is that there's a whole other world invisible to the human eye, full of an alien resource called XM. The Enlightened are trying to use the resource as a means of reaching the alien race and entering a golden age of technology through them, while the Resistance is a little less optimistic about the situation, and is trying to defend the resource. I like to think of Ingress as competitive geocaching with a sci-fi twist. Recently, Ingress was updated with a new Agent profile system which keeps tabs on all your stats and achievements. 

It's been awhile since I've put serious time into Ingress, but as you can tell from the video below, this game's got some hardcore fans, and though the rewards from #13Magnus seem purely story-based (rather than, say, exclusive unlockable achievements or items), it looks like it would be enough to keep these folks running. 

Any Ingress players around think they can make it to any of the below locations or dates? Are you Enlightened or Resistance? 

October 26


Seattle, Washington, USA

Kiev, Ukraine


Warsaw, Poland

Bucharest, Romania

Budapest, Hungary

Prague, Czech Republic

November 2


Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Madrid, Spain

Mumbai, India


Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, USA

Barcelona, Spain

Lisbon, Portugal

November 16


Dallas, Texas, USA

Vienna, Austria


Austin, Texas, USA

Houston, Texas, USA

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Bratislava, Slovakia

Graz, Austria

December 7


Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Rome, Italy


Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Tucson, Arizona, USA

Athens, Greece

Istanbul, Turkey

December 14


San Francisco, California, USA

Buenos Aires, Argentina


San Diego, California, USA

Santiago, Chile

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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  • Pretty much the most awesome game ever! And resistance is the best team ever! Posted by the man who makes things happen...
  • A big +1 for the "most awesome game" and "resistance is the best team ever" :D
  • Well ok. I know I say this very often, but where the f*ck is Canada? We receive no love :(. Hulk is sad :(.
  • Canada... That's not too far from Ukraine is it? Maybe you can drive over there? Kidding. Posted via Android Central App
  • Isn't that were winter is stored?
  • This is amazing!
  • They had "remote" events last weekend in Montreal and Vancouver. Posted via Android Central App
  • I sense several vacations in my near future... Posted via Android Central App
  • Just got an Ingress invite tonight, but yay, Dallas! Need any foot-soldiers for the Resistance? -Ara
  • Dallas Resistance as well. :)
  • None close to me :-( Posted via Android Central App
  • Hm, Phoenix is spelled wrong in the video. Weird.
  • I would play this game if they have prizes or drawings for giveaways Posted via Android Central App
  • Then this game is not for you! Posted via Android Central App
  • They have done giveaways during their live events. They gave away one of the new Moto Droid phones in NYC during Operation Cassandra, along with giving away backpacks and t-shirts.
  • I'm pretty sure they're letting anyone who requests an invite in right now. Get while the getting is good Posted via Android Central App
  • Jump into this game, now while the jumping is good. This has been an Android exclusive for almost a year now, this weekend Niantic announced that the iPhone version of this app was coming in 2014. If this catches on it'll be the next big thing and Apple user's well try to act like they came up with it... Posted via Android Central App
  • Also this app/game really is cool, you get to walk around to post of your city that you probably haven't seen and meet cool people that are into this game like you are. Check out there Google+ page Posted via Android Central App
  • I still don't get this game.. There are now two portals in this town.. Woo. They're at insane levels having been grabbed by people from the city ages ago. I worked out that to defeat the defences on either one would take me going there every day for three months. That's way more commitment to a game that I can give, so I'm reduced to collecting white blobs, which is pretty boring. The sheer maths says the majority of players have this problem - small number of portals, millions of players. Yet people still play, so I've missed something somewhere.. Posted via Android Central App
  • I assume you have tried to submit your own portals? They do take a little time to be accepted and fired up
  • Find other players to help you out. I play in Albuquerque, NM, and we have a number of portal farms with a dozen or more portals (I think the largest has 24 portals within a half mile walk of each other). We'll provide inventory and guidance for new players, and usually in an evening we can get a new player to L4 just by going to 2 farms and linking them all up. But yes, without help, it can be tough to start. Takes a lot of time looking at the intel map and figuring out where's a soft target, or what's already been taken by someone on your side that you can then link and field.
  • I played it a little bit but my old SGS2's GPS has been so spotty lately that it's impossible. I really hope the next Nexus comes out soon, one of the first things I'd want to do is get into this game again!
  • Awesome game.....and awesome resistance...... Posted From my Samsung Mega 5.8 rockin android 4.2.2
  • I'm an Enlightened from Moscow, Russia. Will go to Kiev with my wife, she's playing Ingress too. This is really awesome game and a very interesting event.
  • niantic why u no love philly?
  • Because the Eagles are there. Posted via Android Central App
  • Oooooooh San Diego event.
    Definitely going to try to go to that one.
  • I gave 3 or 4 months of my winter/spring to this game, it was a lot of fun! Once I hit level 8, I got kinda bored since it became more of a chore than I wanted, trying to keep portals charged. Also, I played before they added all the new mods, it was just shields during my time. It seems too complicated to get back into, but it was definitely a great game at the time and got me out of the house much more than usual in the winter months.
  • Could be time to get back into it - #13Magnus could have some pretty far-ranging consequences, maybe the rumoured third faction
  • Ingress is a Blast! I will probably be at the Seattle Anomaly. Got to meet Joe Philley of Niantic at our player created event in May at Seattle Center which was highlighted in one of the Ingress Reports.
    StormbladeX69 - L8 Enlightened Posted via Android Central App
  • It is a fun game, but it requires a large time commitment. Great if you are a college kid with grants and scads of time or if you drive for a living. Not so much fun for those of us with office jobs in the age of expensive gas. Particularly if you live in a suburban or countryside area where the portals are all spread out and/or poorly located. I remember one weekend when a PILE of portals came online on a Friday. I was able to get out of work a bit early, and just by driving a circuit of them I not only capped them all but leveled way up. Spent a couple hours capping, linking and setting up defenses. By Monday a high-level player had wiped them all out and kept them locked down for the next month. I couldn't even scratch them and they were all max level, so I didn't even get anything for the attempt. I wasn't getting any help, so I stopped playing, then decided I had better things to do with my time. Closed out my G+ profile and everything. Just got sick of it.
  • Ingress is a lot of fun, but they really need to start dealing with the GPS spoofers. We've been having a lot of issues with a small number of players spoofing location to take down large fields, and we've often had someone at the portal that's taken down at the time, with no one else there. It really spoils the fun for everyone else who's playing legitimately.
  • True, and Niantic have been putting some measures in place to prevent spoofing (and, by extension, bots) by preventing actions on portals when the travel speed between the two is greater than the average US speed limit I believe. This doesn't prevent individual portals being taken down but does go some way to preventing fast takedowns on a number of portals. One unfortunate side-effect of this is that on train journeys, you're pretty much screwed. With such large multiplayer games you will always have people who want to take the easy route to higher levels, but it has been my experience that spoofers and other cheaters tend to be ostracised by both sides and will eventually stop playing, as the social side of the game is a big part of the draw.
  • I can't believe Bratislava is on this list :D Posted via Android Central App
  • I remember trying so hard to get a beta invite and once I got it I never really played it Posted via Android Central App