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Nexus S 4G information uncovered via the Sprint website

We're not all that far off from CTIA kicking off and low and behold some more information has already snuck out about what Sprint may be announcing in their time there. We've seen plenty of rumors and speculation but this latest bit of info takes the cake.  We're sure it'll be removed at some point soon but the above image is what turns up when you search for Nexus on Sprints very own website. Crazy right?

Although the device info is great the see, the thing that really piques our interest is the mention of Google Voice integration. We're not sure on the complete details behind it but that alone seems more newsworthy to us then just another 4G device announcement. No matter, the wait will soon be over and we'll be there at CTIA to bring you all the latest. [Engadget]

  • Maybe sprint got this one because of t mobile and at&t merge? non the less sprint is really making some big moves.........glad to see it
  • Sprint has since removed the link from the search portal. This phone is of great interest to me. My heart is set on the Evo 3D though. I guess we will all have to wait and see. It won't be long now. On a side note... it seems that everyone's problem with this device is that its made by Samsung. People's problem with samsung is the whole upgrade fiasco with their US Galaxy S phones. Well, this is a Nexus phone. The phone Google used to develop Gibgerbread. Any future updates will no doubt be rolled out to these devices.... FIRST! Go Sprint.
  • That pretty much summed up my thoughts on this. I'm not a big fan of Samsung as of late (doesn't help that I'm a die-hard HTC fan), but if there were any other device I would want to retire my Evo with, it would have to be the NS. Fingers crossed for this announcement ASAP Oh.....and
  • WIN
  • Double post. Please delete or ignore
  • Lack of updates is not the only issue with Samsung phones. They are plasticy and cheap feeling. They are also ugly!
  • I think the NS looks better than the Evo I'm using, but you're right about the cheap plastic feel of it. The Evo has a much more robust build quality.
  • I had a Nexus S and it is cheap feeling. Not at all like the EVO
  • i may buy this over the evo3d. not sure yet.
  • Since they are making a Cdma model do you think Verizon will get one too?
  • It's possible, but not certain.
  • Damn double post. My most sincere apologies.
  • The big question to me is whether or not Sprint's version will have different (better) hardware???