Nexus One reportedly coming to Verizon on March 23

 Drum roll, please ... We've known for a while that the Nexus One would be coming to Verizon. We just didn't know when. Well it seems that we have finally gotten a date. March 23 is the date that the much awaited Nexus One reportedly will be available. According to an anonymous source, speaking to NeoWin:

The Nexus One, originally released on T-Mobile in January, has passed FCC inspection for use on Verizon's CDMA network and according to a Google worker who wishes to remain anonymous it will be made available on March 23.

We don't know how much it's going to cost on the Verizon Network, but currently the Nexus one is selling for $529 unlocked, or $179 with a two year contract from T-mobile. neowin

  • I want it so bad
  • I read that a few weeks ago on the internet and the date makes so much sense. First it took a little less then a month for t-mobile nexus one to release after it passed FCC. Also March 23rd is the first day of CeBit 2010 and the 3rd day of spring. Really hoping it comes out march 23rd!!!
  • honestly. I think the Droid is still better. I've played with the N1 on TMo...and i havent been impressed.
  • Agreed. N1's still a dope phone tho. Wish I could play with one. {{-_-}}
  • exciting... but if they don't allow you to renew on a family plan I won't be able to take advantage of it. :(
  • Wow I hope this is for real.....I'm eligible for NE2 on March 13th....if not true then I'm gonna get the Droid Eris but would muchhhhhhhh rather prefer the Nexus......
  • Well first they will announce the date it will come out. Then they will say that it will be out within a week. Then they will retract their statement and say "OOPS, our bad!" Then they will say it will be out SOON. Then, we will never hear from them again. No wait...I am confusing HTC with Motorola.
  • Who wants to bet us Droid owners get the 2.1 update the week of or right before the release of the Nexus One, to keep our attention?
  • Wow, now to see whether 1. this date holds up, and 2. it'll be worth ditching my brand new Droid to get the N1. I don't really care about the hard keyboard, so that's not an issue, I just want the best internals and build quality. Also, the big question is if this will be subsidized... If so, I may as well return the Droid within my 30 day window and go back to the Blackberry until the N1 is released. Otherwise, it's off to EBay...
  • If they are going to allow this on a family plan, I will be sad. The only reason I got my Eris was because they don't allow it on a family plan on T-Mo.
  • I think this date will hold up. Verizon is pretty meticulous when it comes to unleashing new product. You can pretty much tell there's going to be a push of a new phone when you see similar phones beginning to have price drops and start to see buy this phone and get this phone for free. It was the case with the Storm just as the Storm 2 was about to reach and now we're seeing it with the Droid and Eris. Makes sense unload a crapload of product that's bound to be next to unmovable once a "better" phone comes along and get 2yr commitments w/ data plans to boot. Man I love VZW it's almost too easy to predict when they have new product coming. If they weren't I would have gone from a Storm to a Storm 2 instead of this Droid. Who wants to bet VZW's next big push of phones comes circa Memorial/4th of July weekend followed by +/- 2wks of Thanksgiving.
  • youre right about verizon. Though it's worth noting that verizon has yet to drop the price of the phone (though android central's and amazon's phone store have dropped it dramatically), they only offer the bogo free. I wonder if thanksgiving is when the iPhone rumors will begin to swirl again...
  • im sticking with my Droid, i like the keypad on it. im not into virtual keypads
  • If I can get it subsidized I'm all in don't want it enough to spend 500 though
  • The only things that concern me is that the HTC Droid Eris has yet to be rooted and I'm concerned that the Verizon Nexus might have the same rooting issues, I'm sure some of you agree that a non rootable phone is worthless
  • I'm sure some dogs agree life is ruff. That said, comparing it to the Droid Eris is a bad comparison. This is a Google phone and has very little to do with Verizon, aside from it's made for their network and they have a deal to subsidize the cost with a contract. A better comparison would be the T-Mobile N1 and what it's really up to is developer interest. The Droid Eris isn't a bad phone, but for not much more you can get a physical keyboard and better specs with the Motorola Droid so interest just hasn't been there for Eris. The N1 should get a lot more interest from developers since it is going to be sold directly through Google on network that's much larger than T-Mobiles. In away I think the T-Mobile run was more of a test thing. Practice on a smaller network to make sure they have the formula right before going with a larger network and a much larger customer base.
  • It's probably because whatever exploit used to root the Sprint Hero was closed by the time the Eris came to Verizon. Eris owners, like me, are SOL... for now.
  • I hope your right Verizon is known for mucking up HTC product's
  • I just got my eris and I think I'm going to stick with this.
  • i wonder if verizon will sell these in stores or if it'll be the same lame google online method.
  • I hate that it has a trackball, that is the only thing keeping me from wanting it. I'm not fan of HTC either. I'll probably wait for the Nexus Two, which is rumored to be the Motorola Shadow and looks like a slimmer Droid.
  • I agree with you about the trackball. However, my personal experience with HTC has been very positive. I have never owned a Motorola device, so I'm not qualified to make a comparison.
  • that's b/c att and google never made an agreement, probably having something to do with the iphone. Those bands were not only t-mobile but rodgers and a few other canadian bands. We all know vzw and google made a deal as it has been up on there website since the release. Could be wrong just my thoughts. And for people saying it won't be rooted is ridiculous. It has nothing to do with the network its on but the phone. Droid is on verizon and can be rooted. Just making an example vzw phone being rooted.
  • Hello good sir, I believe you're in the wrong thread as everything you've said was irrevealant to what was said.
  • I meant to reply under the person who said the att version passed fcc but still isnt released. And i think your in the wrong thread. Its about the release date of the nexus one on verizon not the motorola or the nexus 2 or problems with the nexus one. simply the release date. I don't care that people are getting off topic but don't tell me i'm off topic when you are.
  • I've had a Motorola device before, damn thing was indestructible and very reliable. I don't like trackballs, I've had one phone with one and it was bad. And I hear from everyone who has phones with trackballs that the trackballs fall out. A heavy phone user like me, the trackball would fall out in a few months.
  • it's so funny you say that because I feel the EXACT same way. my first phone was a motorola and it was the most reliable phone I ever had. i've wanted to go back to them after having build issues with LG and BB, but they haven't had a phone i've been interested in for some time now.
  • Yeah, if it's not rootable I wouldn't buy it. My only problem with the "one month after FCC clearance = on the market" argument is that... didn't we see the AT&T band supporting N1 clear the FCC at the beginning of February? Where's that phone at a month later? Wish it were here.
  • It's still February. Not quite a month, Cochise. More like month-ish ;) I'm taking my Droid back tomorrow. Got a few days left on that 30 day return policy.
  • As exciting as all this is, and as much as the Nexus One would be a great addition to Big Red's lineup, we've got to remember not to get our hopes up. These "dates," especially when they involve Verizon, are NEVER set in set in stone. It pretty much took the Droid 2.1 update to solidify in my mind, as much as we all want product to appear, we'll just have to patient (something we pretty much refuse to do in today's fast-paced world). Getting ramped up on "proposed" dates from anonymous sources only serves to get hopes up - only to be let down when things don't pan out.
  • I sure hope that Google will finally do something for the enourmous market that is waiting for them in Europe. Face it: the US chose to stick with the outdated CDMA standard, closing their markets and enslaving their clients. Why would those evil companies like Verizon be rewarded for not sticking to the standards, while the rest of the world is left out in the cold?
  • And when I can get this on Sprint I will.
  • I'm coming from a storm, this will be my first non bb. Should I get this or the incredible? please any thoughts.
  • I think it's a matter of personal preference. You're going to love/hate some things about both of the phones. Check out the forums to see what some former BB owners say about the switch
  • i'm going with the nexus because it will always be first for updates. Plus you can get sense ui on it if you root it along with a bunch more of other cool features. I haven't seen the incredible in person yet as it is not out but i think it's going to be a great phone too. Wouldn't be disappointed with either but would go with N1.
  • Thanks for the info. I guess depending on my early upgrade in store vs. google will decide. Just can't wait to dive into android world!
  • N1 or Incredible for me depending on the differences. I just hope I don't have to wait to long to try out both. I do prefer in-store support (replacement) so maybe I'll have to wait for the Incredible. Sure am glad I didn't get the Storm2 from VZW and burn my upgrade. That's why I bought my S2 and sold my S1 on Craigslist to get me by until the N1 or Incredible.
  • I was thinking about getting a Droid through Verizon. Should I wait for the Nexus One?
  • It's personal choice...but the Moto Droid is in the store and the N1 will have to ordered from Google.
  • It's March 23rd.
  • Who told you they were going to release the phone on the 23rd of March? Nobody from either company said it was going to be on that date. You're setting yourselves up to be disappointed and then blaming the companies for it. Nobody ever told you it was going to be on March 23rd.
  • It says on the Nexus One phone site, that it'll be in Spring 2010. Now when June 21st rolls around and it's not here yet, then you have a something to cry about.