Nexus One unofficially gets 720p video recording enabled (updated)

While it may seem that everybody and their brother are busy poking around the innards of the HTC Evo 4G, developers are still hard at work on other Android phones as well.  Late last night I was flipping through my Twitter timeline and came across this nice piece of work:

its official get it here 720p for nexus

You'll have to be running the latest CyanogenMod test version, and be sure to realize that this is by no means an official update.  I think this is the last straw for me and I'm rolling back from Froyo soonest.  (Just kidding. Maybe.)  A Froyo version will follow soon according to the developer

charnsingh online.

If you try this out, by all means post some videos up in the forums. [xda-developers via Twitter]

Update: Check out a video test after the break.

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Will they do this for the incredible..... And can this be put in the incredible
  • No they will not do this for the incredible. First the DI is not even rooted. Secondly CyanogenMod will not be made available to the DI because of legal issue with sense UI.
  • It's funny that your dog is 720peeing all over your video. Nice analogy.
  • wobbly video quality
  • Thats the worst 720 p video I have ever seen ??
  • You think so? Pop it up full screen on a large monitor. Notice every blade of grass. The detail is very acceptable. And this is from an unsteadied hand held camera of a moving subject. No blocky artifacting, no drop out. And this AFTER its been pounded into youtube. I had to watch it twice, because the first time thru I was just waiting for the dog to take a dump. I'd love to get my hands on the raw file, uncompressed by YouTube.
  • the guy is out and about walking his dog. What you expect?
  • Will Google make this official in Froyo or the followup build?