Nexus 7 dock to become available in U.S. and Europe this month

After an eternity of waiting and speculation, it seems the elusive ASUS Nexus 7 dock may be about to hit the United States and Europe this month.

In the Netherlands, has word from ASUS Benelux that the dock will arrive in mid-January. Prices are speculated to be around €29.99. On the U.S. side B&H Photo, which opened preorders of the Nexus 7 dock back in December, is now showing an expected availability date of Jan. 10.

Originally rumored shortly after the tablet's Google I/O debut, the ASUS-made dock connects through the Nexus 7's pogo pins and allows it to connect to other devices through microUSB and headphone jack.

Source: (Dutch)

Alex Dobie
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  • Take it the case will not fit with this? Also can it be used with 12 volt chargers or just house charges?
  • i think you have to connect your official N7 charger (or one that is confirmed to work with it) to the docks microUSB port for the N7 to charge when you dock it. i don't think it will work with cases either. it has to be flush with the pogo pins when you dock it. most docks are like those though.
  • Spooky, I was literally about to do a search to see when available.
  • 4 contact points and still can not support video out, I would even take SD at this point.
  • What do you expect it is a nexus! Good on software cheap on hardware.
  • cheap on hardware this Nexus 7 has a Quad tegra 3 Proc, what your ifad got?"not much"
    yes its a little sad that this does not work on a tv out of the box, but with some looking around at the OTG Cable "on the go cable has an extra ground to sensor" anyway if you can get a Keyboard to work with mouse via a hub, why not a USB to DVI cable, you know those usb video cards that allow you to extend your desktop? I am sure there might be one that would work with Android has anyone thought or tried this? I have not tried the keyboard and mouse or game controller as yet, but i seen some vids on it working and makes sense, as for the dock i did not buy one my self i will just make one with a built in hub at the base of it and usb pins are not exactly hard to figure out. So people thats two usb ports that can be exploited, even if the doc pods not work for OTG cables it could be used to just keep the An7 charged and your mini usb in OTG mode connected to a hub ether way i think this might be worth looking into. I have had my Asus Nexus 7 for 3 days i am so happy with it, its Fast, has lots of cool programmes or as the kids say app's, very good power usage, Thanks Nvidia Tegra 3 as i am sure this would be a the power hog, and Thank god i had a choice not to buy a Apple as then you would be locked out of every aspect, so you would have a Device not a PDA.
    was also impressed by the sensors on this thing, WTF did not expect that, as i got this for portablity / Time killer / possible server monitor "i found a vmware app that might do this" Possible phone, Teamspeak works well on this. 3D Mark even run surprisingly well, so Thanks google and Asus / Nvidia. PS not many have more power in the cpu then this thing.
  • Well, once you remove the 5V pin and ground there's only two pins left... Used for either analog audio or USB. Neither can support video and my moneys on the analog option since its cheaper. So I'm not sure how you can expect video out of this.
  • Don't need video out, they're going to push the Orb thing. Like an Apple TV, it will just mirror your video or allow a dedicated 2nd external display. Video plugs are so 2011.
  • I feel like I missed the boat with the Nexus 7. At this point, should I just wait to see what comes out of Google I/O before making a purchase? I have patience.
  • Something better is always going to come out. I say, make a specific date that you will wait until, them make the purchase you want. I ended up waiting a year for a phone because it kept being delayed and ended up getting something else. (the Bionic, glad I got the GN instead)
  • If you don't mind waiting that's probably the best way to do it at this point. I will also say though that I just received a Nexus 7 for Christmas and I really love it.
  • it'll sell out quickly with no replenishment for 2-3 months.
  • Nexus 10 dock would also be nice, wake up Google.
  • Exactly. The N7 dock should have been out months ago. Where the hell is the N10 dock??? Or even official case???
  • I just want the Nexus 4 wireless charger already : ( Kinda got over the Nexus 7 dock after seeing the rumor then not hearing anything about it till now.
  • Google is on sum bullshit with their lack of accessories for so long. Complete fail. I really don't understand them. They need to wake up.
  • Too little.
    Too late.
    Too much!
  • Nexus 7 Dock: roughly 8 months. Yay, that means the wireless charger for my N4 is coming in June!
  • I don't understand why more manufacturers can't make these docks the way Motorola did with the Xoom. It has a back plate that can be changed out if you happen to use a case. It really can't be that hard if the Xoom Android Tablet had it. Also Google needs to get with it on these accessories, these things need to be available on launch. Sprint and Verizon
    GNex no official docks, yet the pins are there. You can make the international GNex docks work by modification but that's ridiculous for most people. N7 - Still waiting for this product
    N10 - SAME THING
    N4 - Phone and even bumper ordering debacle. No time frame on charger. No time frame on new batch of phones. I was lucky to get mine, it's a beautiful phone that nobody can buy. Even the guy at the T-Mobile store couldn't believe I had one.
  • Yes, but the Xoom dock only supported the official Motorola gel case. It was useless if you had any other brand or type of case. And Google/Asus don't even OFFER a case for the N7.
  • With no digital audio output I don't see the value added. I better rest it against the wall and use bluetooth audio out. :-\