Nexus 4 headed to Fido in Canada next month

Hot on the heels of Videotron's announcement yesterday, rival Canadian network Fido has announced that it too will carry the LG Nexus 4. The phone has appeared in Fido's reservation system, with a release scheduled for sometime in February. To secure a Nexus 4, Canadians will need to pay a C$40 up-front reservation fee.

Pricing information is promised in the near future, but if other territories are anything to go by, it's likely the unsubsidized cost will be somewhat higher than the Canadian Google Play Store price.

For an overview of how we've been getting on with the Nexus 4 since its November launch, check out our 'Nexus 4, two months on' feature.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • good to see nexus getting to many carriers. only if google could fix playstore shortage asap/
  • I believe this is the reason why its out of stock in the play store. They are too busy selling the phone to Carriers instead and most likely making more profit from it.
  • I wish they would have put it on Rogers...
  • Be warned they only get 5 phones. Makes it like the demand is high
  • p.s. can someone please write an article about this? As of January 22nd, the 752,000th device have been produced according to XDA-Developers poster who poke the serial number on LG database. October: 70,000 devices produced
    November: 90,000
    Dec: 210,000
    January: on track for 550,000+ (385,000 as of January 22nd) Which mean that LG is ramping up production in a very big way. But it could take up to 14-20 days from getting from production line to your house. Example from post #338 on XDA-Developers [INFO] LG Nexus 4 Production Date and Place Identification thread Bought: 19-01-2013 (MediaMarkt Germany webshop)
    Received: 22-01-2012
    S/N 301K (Korea, January 2013) 413xxx
    HW version: rev_11 it was the 413,xxx Nexus 4 produced (around January 3-4th). Which took about 17-18 days to deliver to Germany January 2013 375110 2-th AUS8BK
    377110 3-th ASFRBK
    381110 2-th ASFRBK
    385110 3-th AGBRBK GBR "UNITED KINGDOM" - a new retailer? Play store was a AUKGBK
    390110 3-th AUSGBK
    395110 4-th AUSGBK
    399110 3-th ATMOBK
    400110 4-th AUSGBK
    406110 4-th AUSGBK
    419110 5-th AUSGBK
    420110 6-th ADEGBK
    422110 6-th ADEGBK
    423110 5-th ATMOBK
    430110 5-th ATMOBK
    435110 5-th ATMOBK 445110 9-th ATMOBK
    450110 9-th ATMOBK
    451110 8-th ANEUBK "EUROPE OPEN" - something new
    455110 8-th ANEUBK
    456110 8-th ACAGBK CANADA_OPEN
    461110 8-th ATMOBK
    463110 8-th ADEGBK
    465110 8-th ADEGBK
    467110 9-th ADEGBK
    469110 9-th ADEGBK
    471110 9-th ATMOBK
    474110 9-th ATMOBK
    476110 9-th ATMOBK
    479110 9-th AUS8BK
    482110 9-th ATMOBK
    487110 10-th AUKGBK
    489110 10-th AUKGBK
    491110 10-th AAVCBK VIDEOTRON - seems to be a Canadian telco?
    493110 10-th ADEUBK
    495110 10-th ADEUBK
    497110 10-th AISRBK
    499500 10-th AUKGBK
    502035 11-th AUSGBK
    507035 11-th AUSGBK
    512035 11-th AUS8BK
    513035 11-th AUS8BK here are some posts from that thread on XDA-Developers that might be of interest posted on January 13th notice the 577,000 figure. It is the line or production number, showing that phone was the 577,000th device made. LGE960
    LG0000502521437 And on January 22nd: Probably out of the LG database by poking at the serial numbers. Yup. Poking away.
    BTW, over 752K...
  • Xda said they had only produced 425 K, at the rate LG is making them they'll have made 900 K by the next new nexus launch. Either LG delayed making the phone for there own phones or they can't handle mass production of phones. LG could of made a boat load of money had they made a million of these a month. Granted this is the First LG phone that anyone has wanted or has been popular. LG's last quarter could of been very successful with the nexus line.
  • This is some bs I just left Fido last week.
  • You still made a good choice, Fido is behind in being competetive in the wireless data market. A good smartphone like this like deserves a good data package. Rogers often brings back their 6gb plan, Fido needs to consider offering something similar.
  • Great news! This will replace my Rogers LG Optomus G 2600. Fido is part of Rogers and unlocked phones between the two are often used on either network. Wait...why change to the same phone?! Because as long time LG customer, at this point in no announcements about OS updates, that means there WILL NOT be one for at least a year, if any at all. Facts have proven this so in previous cases. It seems LG's philosophy in North America is if you want a newer OS, you buy a new LG phone with it. Mods and hacks? No thank you.
  • This may be the best ever smartphone device that's ever been offered to civilian populations because more networks keep adding it. But...what's going to happen to it because you can't meet the demand. Is it really that damned exclusive? Oops. I answered my own question. Exclusivity is created by high demand and low availability. If that's what they're shooting for, they succeeded. I would much rather have a device that is available for my use NOW! But that's just me.
  • Dont want 2yr contract,would love to but from PStore.
  • Hey gang, anyone know if I buy a Nexus 4 from the Google Play store in the States, can I bring it to Canada and buy a SIM and a data package? I split my time between both countries fairly often.