Nexus 4 charging orb listed online for $60, but it's out of stock

We're not sure if this is a placeholder or if the information is accurate, but retailer Pure Mobile has the Nexus 4 charging orb in their online catalog. Currently listed as "out of stock", the OEM built charger is listed for $59.99, with free shipping. If you follow the link below and go to the source, you'll find you can hover over the thumbnail for an expanded view, and it certainly looks to be the real deal -- Nexus logo and all.

We're not sure if this is a sign that we'll soon be seeing the charging orb for sale as we saw with the Nexus 7 dock, and it's a little more pricey than we had hoped (although far less than the last time we saw the charger listed online), but we're certainly keen on getting one. I've reached out to Pure Mobile and will update everyone when they reply.

Source: Pure Mobile

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • This inconvenience certainly isn't worth the price IMO. This effectively makes the device nearly unusable as its charging.
  • For that price I would expect a little more such as NFC paired Bluetooth with an audio out socket on the orb.
  • I 2nd this comment. For that much $$$, it better do more than simply charge my phone. Ever since my Palm Pre, I've loved the idea of wireless charging but I'm not going to drop anything more than $25 for a single phone wireless charger pad unless its more than just charging.
  • You may not have been a launch-day Palm Pre owner - the touchstone was ~$70 at launch, and was only the puck, no power supply or USB cable included. 3 months later it came down to the $40 range which was far more reasonable. Within 6mo it was under $30 in many places, and could be had as a 'kit' w/PS and USB. The same will probably happen with this device, price will be high at launch and will reduce over it's lifespan. If it pans out, LG may use the same 'orb' for multiple phones/devices increasing it's scale and further reducing the cost. Building BT into the orb would be pointless, those who rely on BT for audio already have a slew of output devices for use with BT. Using it for NFC could be nice for transferring data to a computer, but yet again - most machines these days have BT built-in and it would be redundant, let alone the support issues with multiple devices or hosts. Even use as video-out is about pointless, because if there's a place to plug-in an orb, there's a place to plug-in a laptop (how often do you have a display ready w/o a computer?) As a result, it doesn't make any sense as anything more than a charger/stand. Though I'm sure many would still want it anyway, something tells me that the added utility would go to waste in 90% of situations, and the 'enhanced capability' orbs will come about soon enough - assuming sufficient demand. Google's services and the various ways which already exist to transmit data make any additional utility dubious at best, but not having to plug my phone in (I have yet have a micro USB last more than a year) is of major utility for those of us who keep continually charge our devices to stay topped-up. It also makes the phone double as a decent desk clock or (bright) alarm clock.
  • excellent news! the rumors of a mid Feburary release might come true. I was hooked on this feature with my Palm Pre and miss having it now. this could also be the marked up price for this site. there is always a chance that it will be less on Google Play. After all, the Nexus 7 retails for about $249 in brick and motor stores as well as on-line retailers, while it's $199 if purchased through Google Play.
  • So I know that the Nexus 4 works with other wireless chargers that follow the Qi standard. BUT, with other Qi compatible devices (e.g. the Thunderbolt) work with this charging orb?
  • Loli: Hello, thank you for visiting. Can I help you in any way?
    me: when is the LG WCP400 wireless charging orb for the nexus 4 going to be in stock?
    Loli: hi
    we will have this item in stock in 3 weeks
    pleas evisit us again and
    check for stock avaliability
    me: ok thank you !!!!
  • Actually, it shows as in stock as of this moment. *Edit* Once you add it in the cart this message shows up: "This product is not available in the requested quantity. 1 of the items will be backordered." So I guess the wait continues...
  • I think $40 is a perfect price point. $60 is a little steep for a charger, although I'm sure when Apple introduces wireless charging (only a matter of time).. I'm sorry I mean, when Apple, "invents" wireless charging it will probably be like $80 for the dock and than $20 for the cable. And the iSheep will happily pay that much.
  • The product description says, "- ALL ORDERS PLACED FOR THIS ITEM WILL BE PRE-ORDERS- WE ARE EXPECTING THE STOCK TO ARRIVE IN 2-4 WEEKS - (updated Jan 31st 2013)." I just ordered one, hopefully I don't end up waiting forever...
  • Check this one in simple language also