Next-generation Pebble smartwatch with color screen found on company's servers

This might just be what the next-generation Pebble smartwatch will look like. The render of the smartwatch was found on the company's servers, hidden away with its wider design and color screen. Pebble is expected to officially announce the device Tuesday, February 24, at 10 am Eastern time, which is when the current countdown on their website reaches "zero".

The render would appear to confirm earlier rumors that the next generation Pebble will have a color display but maintain the same four-button control scheme of the current devices. The image also shows what looks like a bigger bezel than the current Pebble design. We expect that we'll be learning a lot more about the new Pebble tomorrow.

Source: Pebble{.nofollow}; Via: 9to5Google

John Callaham