NewEgg Mobile updated to 1.0.2 -- brings some bugfixes

Although it had a rather shaky start, NewEgg's Android app has been given a welcomed update.  Now in version 1.0.2, NewEgg Mobile allows you to browse their entire online inventory (with customer feedback), create wish lists, and even buy items directly from the app.  To make searching for that new CPU easier, NewEgg mobile also supports voice and barcode search functions.

NewEgg Mobile 1.0.2 does bring some enhancements, but I still notice some issues that need to be resolved.  Many times in a row I received a "network error" message (I'm on Wi-Fi), which is pretty frustrating.  Additionally, if you leave the app for any reason at all, it will not save your state.  And don't even think about trying to use it in landscape mode -- won't happen.

Being the computer geek that I am, I browse NewEgg all the time.  I've been a NewEgg customer for 10 years, so it's good to finally have a NewEgg app for Android.  I buy a lot of items from NewEgg, and I'm thrilled to have the option of buying something directly from the app.  It's usable as it is now, but I look forward to future refinements. Download link's after the break. [NewEgg Facebook]