Samsung announces an even-faster Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is already a speedy phone, but there's a new version that can download over LTE even faster than before. The current version of the Galaxy Note 4 includes LTE-A with dual-band carrier aggregation — the ability to combine two frequency bands (carrier, in this case, is frequency on which the tower is broadcasting) — for downloads up to 150Mbps. The new version, however, bundles together three bands for downloads that can reach up to 300Mbps.

Of course, actually getting downloads that fast requires that your phone be connected to a tower supporting tri-band carrier aggregation as well as having ideal conditions (i.e. you're standing right in front of the tower) and the line delivering bandwidth to the tower also being capable of such speeds. Carrier aggregation also reduces the number of available bands for users, so you'll want to be hooking up when there are fewer people around.

All of this falls under the umbrella of "Category 6" LTE service, and the tri-band Note 4 will also support LTE-A Category 9 with up to 450Mbps download speeds, but that's not expected until later in 2015 (and will see the same restrictions as noted above for Cat 6).

Apart from the enhanced radios, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A seems to be more or less the same Galaxy Note 4 we reviewed in October. There's no word on which processor the phone runs on, or when or where we can expect it to be released, and how much you'll have to pay for the privilege of owning a phone capable of such blisteringly-fast downloads.

Source: Samsung

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  • Any idea what carrier and countries this will be available for?
  • I imagine South Korea only.
  • Straight from the article " There's no word on which processor the phone runs on, or when or where we can expect it to be released". Posted via Android Central App
  • That doesn't say what carrier would use the tech.
  • Doubt it'll be released in the UD Posted via the Android Central App
  • Okay, While it is nice they are changing the specs (sorry folks who already purchased this device), it would be great if some sort of hint as to where (what countries) these new specs "might" be available in. I realize we aren't all in the USA. There are many phones (like the One Plus One) I have heard about, but yet to see, feel or be able to purchase here in the USA. I hear the phone has nice specs and performance. Why not just "add" these features in the 2015 line up of phones instead of having remakes of existing phones?
  • Odds are this phone will be something of a "consumer prototype" device to test the new Cat6 LTE tech.  Wouldn't make a lot of sense to release it in a country where that technology wasn't in place yet, which is why everyone is expecting that it won't leave S. Korea.
  • That Gold looks so Lovely. Posted via my "Material Design Modded" Rooted Sprint LG G2. (Rooted Sprint GS3 FreedomPop[MVNO]
    (Stock "Contest Won - Sprint Galaxy Note 4"
    (Stock Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
    (Stock T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3
  • I wish they released it in the States so I could have gotten that one instead of black. All the colors are nice tho Posted via my GOAT Note 4
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    I did reevaluate it. And came to the conclusion that you don't MATTER! Posted via "the Contest-Won" Sprint Galaxy Note 4 (Sprint Prepaid $35 Plan)
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  • So true Posted via the ACA on NEXUS 6
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  • I'd take one, PO Box or address? "I'm da Blur boys!" - Me with 1200 ping. Yes. My Internet got worse.
  • Nobody cares about your past devices and what you have running on them. The fact that your on sprint pretty much sums it up for me man, and also "material design modded g2".. lolol wtf. That phones crap, and the fact you you want everyone to know its modded, and your rooted, and omg you rock a custom rom, with nova launcher and a material wallpaper. Noone gives two shits. At least not me.
  • Samsung makes way to many variants of the same device. Market over-saturation at its finest. I know having a variety of choices is the Android calling card, but anything above about 2 flagship per year is more than most consumers who don't upgrade as often are willing to get. Samsung should concentrate more on upgrading software (updates) more than hardware. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't think they'll be releasing this throughout the world. Posted on my Galaxy S5
  • Samsung is doing fine without your input.
  • Samsung's marketing staff really needs to list what networks this works on for each country...or at least include specs on frequencies it works on so we can figure it out :-P I just want the Qualcomm 810 chip yet no mention of even that which supposedly won't be available until March :-P
  • Wish I had it on my note 4 too. Wasn't optional for samsung upon release unfortunately. I'm interested to see how the 810 fares against the exynos 5433. The 5433 is an absolute monster, and significantly more powerful than the SD 805 overall. Guess I'll have to live with Qualcomm's last high end 32 bit SoC, lol. I think I'll survive.
  • But how much difference is the processors when running Android and especially touchwiz? We already know that android and touchwiz down a device by a lot. Look at the difference between the HTC one and the galaxy s5. Same processor but slower clock speed on the HTC but the HTC is way faster.
  • Way faster? Lol
  • Yes, way faster. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You should try speeding up the transition animations on the S5 from 1.0 to 0.5 and see how "way faster" the M8 feels then. So many see the quick transition animations of the M8 and believe its a faster phone. Ive done a few app opening speed tests betweem the two in the past. Other than a few native apps, which the M8 launches faster, they are both practically identical in app opening speeds. RAM management however is definately something samsung needs to improve on. The M8 and other recent phones keep apps in memory longer than the S5 does. As weve seen, too much additional software can take its toll
  • Samsung makes a great product no doubt. It's just amazing the incredible features they pack into their phones. Posted via Android Central App
  • Not much point to ask that speed, if we don't have enough data to go with it.
  • It depends on where you are and what plan you are on. I am on Verizon on their legacy unlimited unthrottled 4GLTE plan, and can use it officially with unlimited unthrottled 4GLTE hotspot, so the extra speed is welcomed and bill stays the same. Though, it is unlikely that this variant will come to the USA. Even if not on Verizon, there are other carriers that offer unlimited data. Verizon is however the only one to officially support unlimited unthrottled 4GLTE hotspot, so I am stuck with them for now. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This should be a S. Korea exclusive release, and it'll also have the Snapdragon 810, which is a significant upgrade from the 805. Those of us who have the 805 note 4, it's still a beast, but unfortunately the note 4's release schedule landed prior to Qualcomm's transition to 64 bit SoC's, meaning it's already significantly outdated in some ways. I really would've liked to have the exynos variant. Wish it was Optimized for Lte networks. Oh well, the note 4 is still the best smartphone on the planet, even with a 32 bit SoC.
  • You got that right. I wonder if the Note 4 will eventually come with the 810? Looks like the Note 4 is going to be my next phone. I've seriously considered other phones but they just don't offer as many useful features as the Note 4 Posted via Android Central App
  • This "note 4 lte-a" they're talking about will come with the 810, but thats it, and it'll be a S. Korea only release. Man tellin ya, im loving this phone more every day. I even like the stock touchwiz ROM now too, so much better than the note 3. I Still hate the touchwiz launcher though, but almost every other aspect of the UI is decent now. Add that to the raw power and functionality of this version of TW, top notch hardware, best display ever in mobile tech, and impressive camera, and it's the best smartphone on the market. It's kinda funny how lately even reviewers and bloggers who are samsung critics have been giving the note 4 a ton of love. It's that good. Samsung wasn't playing around, and it shows
  • You got that right. I'm subscribed to many tech pages on YouTube and even the Motorola Nexus Turbo people are being forced to admit that the Note 4 is the better product. I agree the Note 4 offers so many useful features. Their is a bit of a learning curve but the Note 4 is very user friendly and their are lots of good tutorial videos on YouTube. Posted via the Android Central App
  • " I'm subscribed to many tech pages on YouTube and even the Motorola Nexus Turbo people are being forced to admit that the Note 4 is the better product" Yeah if you like bloatware....
  • Bloatware? You mean that stuff you don't like that you can disable? What's the point of paying top dollar for something that doesn't offer any features and forces you to download third party apps that you have to pay for? It's hilarious how Motorola/Google have found a way to exploit the minimalist crowd. Paying more for less LOL Posted via the Android Central App
  • PCadvisor only rate it as the 5th best Android phone with the LG G3 being the best. Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's because PC advisor is brilliant. Lmao. Giving a phone with a QHD display and a prior gen SoC the top spot ? They should fire the dumbass that wrote that article. Idiocy like that is almost unacceptable
  • It's not in Jerry Hildenbrand's top three android phones either. Guess Android Central's comments are crap too? Jerry's favorite Android devices of 2014 Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's not will be fine with a 32 bit processor Posted via the Android Central App
  • How is it outdated? Please explain what benefits a 64 bit soc has for a phone in the here and now.
  • You bring up an interesting point. It's going to be years before phones like the Note 3 and Galaxy S5 are obsolete. If you ask me the Galaxy S3 is still a great and very relevant phone as well. The only issue I had with the Galaxy S3 is the battery. Other than that it's a very solid performer. Posted via the Android Central App
  • There is no essential benefit of a 64-bit chip on an android device currently. However, 5.0 comes with native support for 64 bit SoCs. Apps optimozed for 64 bit will be rapidly approaching in large #s as well. 64 bit also has many more registers which enables much greater simultaneous data processing, which in sure you already know can be seen as even more important than address space that can be accessed at one time. The SD 805 note 4 is much less future proof than the crops of 64 bit devices we'll be seeing in the coming months It's debatable whether there's any real benefit to 64 bit on android devices currently, but just compare the SD 805 note 4 to the Exynos 7 variant and see which is more powerful. The exynos 7 handily outperforms the SD 805 in most benchmarks.
  • I wonder what the Galaxy S6 is going to be like? I'm hoping for improved battery and out of this world specs. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Iss really exynos 7 better than the SD 805?
  • Easily. Snapdragon 805 is Krait 450 architecture which is even weaker than Cortex A15 (last gen tech) except for thermal control. The exynos 7 (5433) in the Current Note 4 as well as future chips (like SD 810) go with Cortex A57. Only advantage the S805 has is clock speed but it is not enough to compensate. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Also comes with 64 bit processor according to
  • Just got my Verizon note 4 yesterday and I love it Posted via my new note 4
  • Guyss i wanna know that anynone used a 64 bit chip yet in a phone..?
  • Yeah.
    It's called the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus.
  • No. There are numerous androids which use 64bit chips. However most of them still run KK and don't make any gain from it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Listen, this is an insider tip from a former employee of Samsung Jung daegu plant. I have nothing to gain from this. I do not endorse any phone brand. But, this has to come out for the sake of every hard Working consumer... There are 40 million units of unsold galaxy s5 in warehouses globally. Samsung is not going to throw them away especially with these company profit downfall. The memo from the Samsung high executive division are going to salvage everything from the galaxy s 5 and rebrand them as the new galaxy s6.. To cut their losses.. Now, it is up to you ( the reader) to tell your friends / family about this cunning scheme. Cheers 2015
  • LOL bullshit. And I'm Bill Gates' son. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Wow! You get an A+ for creating the craziest story I've ever heard! Good job! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ridiculous. They'd be torn to pieces within days of doing this as people and websites would tear the phone apart to see what's inside. Posted on my Galaxy S5
  • I give 12 to 24 hours before the inmates ran the asylum..... No way would they release an S6 without that coveted al-you-minnie-um chassis this time. Posted via the Android Central App
  • If any one of you is from US then plz tell me .
    How much note 4 costs in your country .?
    On and off contract.
    And in in US both version of note 4 exynos and SD 805 are available or not?
  • Only the 805 is available in the US with the cheapest off contract is the Verizon edition while the most expensive is the At&t model. I'm not sure I know the prices on top of my head Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ask Google Posted via the Android Central App
  • Mr louie .
    Plz tell that which processor is really better in samsung phones exynos or SD 805?
  • Do you have Unlimited Data?..... No? Then you need to pass on Tri-Anything.
    And to those of you that own Note 4's and have the balls to Root.. Download a 5.0.2 ROM, the AEL Kernel and some Micro Gapps and see what your Note 4's Qualcomm 805 SoC running @ 3,000 mHz is REALLY capable of.... :-) It makes HTC admittedly smooth interface feel down right slow by comparison... :-)
  • You mean have the spare time to root? Samsung makes a great product with amazing features. If your planning on rooting just go and get a phone that comes with no features like the Nexus 6 or some other Motorola device. Posted via the Android Central App
  • $600.00 plus for a whale of a device that is stripped to the bone with a HORRIBLE camera, much weaker Amoled Display and Poor Battery Life with a battery that is not even replaceable? Why???
    My Note 4 does it all bud.. and the command line does not scare me in the least :-)
    Loved the Nexus Phone @ $299.00 / $350.00 (Fair Price for what you got in the Nexus 5) But, at it's current $650.00 / $700.00 price point for what you get is nothing more than a SERIOUS ripoff IMO...
  • That's exactly what I'm saying. I myself almost fell for the vanilla Android nonsense until I realized it's a huge scam. I mean seriously? Who thinks it's cool to pay top dollar for an inferior product? I'll stick with Samsung until another company comes along and offers something better. It will be a cold day in hell when I purchase a phone that requires me to keep making purchases just to be able to make the phone usable. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is why Samsung phones depreciate in value so fast. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Okay? Are you serious? Is their a phone out there that goes up in value the longer you have it? Posted via the Android Central App
  • He's actually right though. Phones that aren't replaced with new models ad quickly depreciate at a slower rate, like iPhones. Posted on my Galaxy S5
  • Only iphones because only iPeople are willing to spend top dollar for used, 2 year old Apple logos. This does not mean these are the best used phones. Far from it in my opinion.
  • How much the verison edition costs of the note 4 in us?
  • 750 on T-Mobile. Posted on my Galaxy S5
  • $699 Verizon just got mine 2 days ago Posted via my new note 4
  • The Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4 runs $700 off contract. On contract, it is $300 standard, though it was on sale for $150 during the holidays. Posted via the Android Central App
  • They wont release it in any other region but Korea. They ain't that stupit I guess.. They are the first to use the 810 now and I guess they just chased a titel Posted via the Android Central App
  • I thought the Note 4 runs the Snapdragon 801, this video says it runs the 805. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It runs the 805 Posted via the Android Central App
  • Super fast downloads stopped dead in their tracks by super laggy bloat. No thanks... Posted via the Android Central App
  • If your not interested in the phone why even read the article or comment. Probably just a sour BlackBerry user Posted Via AT&T Note 3
  • Just to add more information, you don't actually need 3-20 MHz carriers to achieve 300mbps. Aggregating 2 -20 MHz carriers can also achieve 300mbps. You would need 3-20 MHz carriers to achieve 450mbps. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Doesn't it already exist in Australia? I was looking at Note 4 unboxing videos on YouTube (Gold version) and the reviewers were saying 300 download speed etc. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm a "Category 6" Super Saiyajin.
  • Here's more Posted via the Android Central my Rogers Note 4
  • Posted via the Android Central my Rogers Note 4
  • Not interested. I am perfectly happy with my current Note 4 LTE-A which can reach speeds of 150 Mbps. I expect to keep this phone for at least 3 years. So I will upgrade to the Note 7.
  • Note 4 shows the excellent performances, with Note 4 you are guaranteed to have in your hands one of the most powerful and fastest smartphones on the market in 2014. Also note that the unit does not almost heater even after prolonged use, it's nice. _____________________________________________________