A new Spotify feature will help you find songs even if you don't know their titles

Spotify and YouTube Music apps
Spotify and YouTube Music apps (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Spotify will now let you search for songs using lyrics on its mobile app.
  • This isn't like Shazam or Assistant, you'll have to manually enter the song lyrics yourself.
  • The change is rolling out via an update today to its iOS and Android apps.

Spotify is rolling out a new feature on mobile that will help you identify an unknown song simply by searching its lyrics (via The Verge). As long as you know what those lyrics are, you'll be able to use those in place of the title.

Spotify will clue you in on which songs it's surfacing based on matching Lyrics with a Lyrics match tag, so you'll be able to know that "I'm a Boss" by Meek Mill is surfaced on the title, while "Boss B" by Doja Cat would be matched by its lyrics.

While apps like Shazam or even the Google Assistant can help you find a song being actively played, they can't help you if you all have is a half-remembered tune and some vague lyrics. Spotify's new search hopes to fix that all too common user desire.

Spotify just recently added lyrics support to its music app globally this year, while rival app YouTube Music did the same in an update around the same time. Spotify's real-time lyrics support was always much better than YouTube's static ones though, and this new search by lyrics feature only widens the gap.

Michael Allison