You can now read along to the lyrics of a song on YouTube Music

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What you need to know

  • The iOS and Android apps for YouTube Music are getting a new lyrics page.
  • It'll show a static version of lyrics for the song.
  • This means that they won't scroll through automatically as the song plays.

Google has been working on a redesign of the YouTube Music playback screen, and it's now rolling out a new lyrics page for the iOS and Android apps.

Youtube Music Lyrics

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When you're now listening to a track, you can click on a small "i" icon to the bottom left, which will throw up the lyrics screen. Unfortunately, unlike its competitors, YouTube Music's implementation is static. This means that while the Spotify app, for example, will automatically scroll through the lyrics as the song progresses, with YouTube Music, you'll need to do that by hand.

You can check out what it looks like to the right.

As The Verge discovered, though, not all songs have lyrics available. The feature is also not available in the YouTube Music web app, though Google says it's working on changing that soon.

The company has been hard at working improving the service in recent months; it's also added seamless switching between the audio and video versions of a song, and you can now also upload your own tracks to the YouTube Music library, something the company calls "music locker."

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