New images show off possible HTC tablet

HTC has been rather quiet on the tablet front but some new images leaked on Twitter by @evleaks have given us something interesting to look at. At this point, there is pretty much nothing to go on in terms of information about the device, not even the exact OS it may be running but the images sure are pretty to look at if nothing else.

In my opinion, it looks styled after the HTC One series though, I'd be lying if I didn't also say it looks like a decapitated iMac. That's it, enjoy the images for now and by all means, feel free to speculate in the comments. You'll find some more shots below for your drooling pleasure and here's to hoping we see more when IFA 2012 kicks off fully.

Source: Twitter

  • ha imac
  • I might get confused and buy this instead of an iMac. Apple better sue them soon.
  • White? Blech! And glossy black is not a better option, manufacturers. We like flat/textured finishes that don't show every spec of dust, every fingerprint, and every scratch!!!
  • I think it looks good, except I'm not a fan of designs that make portrait orientation lopsided. With that bezel the way it is, they're basically saying it's landscape only.
  • I disagree. At first I was turned off by the asymmetrical layout, but thinking about how I use my current tablet, this looks good. I like the small bezel around the sides when in landscape, but having a good amount of "non-touchscreen" area to hold onto when in portrait mode makes it easier to hold one handed when reading long documents/webpages. Also, when laying in bed resting the tablet on your chest, having bezel below the screen to space it up off your chest makes for less neck craning. I like this layout. -Suntan
  • I agree. The bezel is perfect finger space so you don't accidentally touch the screen while reading. Good move.
  • Yeah but every other tablet has almost the same amount on all four sides...plenty of space for holding at least...without looking lopsided. Basically what y'all are saying is portrait is perfect because you have room to hold it and landscape is perfect because you don't hurt your neck as much...but switch that up and you're still craning in portrait and have little hold area in landscape. Tell me how this is awesome again?
  • Looks at picture of person holding it in portrait mode.... wat
  • Yeah I was going to say despite that photo. It just doesn't look right in's unbalanced and assumes everyone is a righty who never wants to switch off to reduce fatigue.
  • I don't know about all of your devices with accelerometers in them but I can rotate my screens pretty easily.
  • Lawsuit anyone lol. I want it though
  • Lol yup. HTC has got a lawsuit waiting because this infringes on the design of the iMac.
  • I guess HTC was tired of Samsung getting all the lawsuit attention from Apple. This oughtta solve that problem...
  • Crop that sucker and you'll have a winner.. Cuz that bottom edge is just ugly IMHO.
  • That's obviously an android tablet.
  • No pictures with HTC Sense?????
  • Yeah. I'm also curious about sense on this. Could care less about law suites.
  • If this thing sticks with HTC's build quality and they snip sense a bit this will be pure winning.
  • The tablet front is where I think manufacturers should keep Sense to an absolute minimum. Tablets have more staying power than phone and should be regularly updated. Which most of them (besides Motorola) have been lackluster doing... Does the Jetstream even have ICS? 
  • This is annoying. "It looks like a mac"? Are we all breaking down and finally admitting that Apple invented Rectangles AND the color white? Anyways, a white rectangle is NOT a design. It's a color and a shape. If this thing had a wider aspect ratio, people would say that it copied an envelope.
  • Agreed. However, compare the bezel from that to this: Now, see the similarity?
  • I think everyone is being a little tongue in cheek with this. Don't let it annoy you.
  • If its only half as bad as the Jetstream it might reach "OK" status. If its really shooting to mimic the One X and has that quality screen and WiFi only, it will be a winner.
  • While I can see the similarity between this and an iMac, this is a tablet and the iMac is a full computer. I do not see any lawsuits here. This bezel makes it 100% unique in the tablet market and, in my opinion, a safe and smart move. I am not a fan of the bezel as it is, but I still believe it to be a potential lawsuit stopper.
  • Is the Camera/FFC on the bottom? Does that make sense?
  • What a lot of strange and wrong comments so far. Let's really examine this tablet. A non uniform design. And not just for the sake of avoiding lawsuits. This big bezel allows for better one handed use. Also, by modeling this along the line of the One series, HTC may finally be learning what it takes to break out of their slump.
  • If its real , the specs & the price is right , I'll probably ... most likely get one !!! btw : Does anybody else think the Email screenshot in the 4th picture looks a bit ... iOS-ish ?
  • This thing looks fake or it could be a concept/prototype. Where are the speakers? The thing screams Apple more than anything Samsung has released in the past 3 years. What version of Android is that in the last picture? That looks pre ICS. I say fake.
  • I think this one edge bezel looks quite practical. Why have we ended up with that wide border on tablets - blasted Apple! A matt finger print rejecting surface and a silk finish bezel to reduce reflections would be a good. No stylus in view, perhaps they have moved away from that.
  • A wide bezel on only one side is not practical for anything except one-handed use. How long do you hold a tablet that size with one hand? I don't understand why people continually complain about wide bezels. On a TV I can understand. Or a laptop. On a tablet being held by human hands they are very practical.
  • htc = huawei and zte.....reeally? zte? wtf. these companies need to gtfo now and let the big boys play.
  • "Competition is awful! whaaaaaa" How about you GTFO?
  • I am liking the looks of this, interesting design. Will need to see how useful it is in practice.
  • I don't get the whole white CE craze that people seem to have now-a-days, but I'd be lying if I said I don't think this is a sexy design. If I didn't already have a Nexus 7, I'd consider going for this.
  • Thought it's different when it comes to Tablets, and it looks nice if not functional. It looks like a iMac...
  • Looks like it would be quite comfortable to hold with those nicely rounded edges and one larger bezel, but camera on the bottom is awkward.
  • Even if I didnt have a Nexus 7 I wouldnt buy this. Like many have said it really does look a little too close to some of apple's products. Although I can see how this is in line with HTC's One series. They could have done a better job making this look more like an HTC One product and less of an Apple one is all I'm saying. Really hoping this is a prototype (even though they are showing pictures of it so it might be pretty close to completion).
  • Tough to accurately judge but it looks bigger than 10".
  • i hope with all that extra space they atleast pack it with a extra huge battery.