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New HTC Android device renders leaked

If you're still rather ticked off at Motorola today and swearing to never purchase their devices again maybe some of these HTC devices might make you feel a little better about the whole situation. A whole lineup of HTC device renders has now appeared on the scene but the only thing concrete about all of these devices combined is the fact that nothing about them is for certain. Especially when it comes to that buttonless beauty everyone got their feathers ruffled over. It's entirely too generic to even fathom what it may be at this time. With all the specs and finer details being left for speculation, we'll just have to see what Mobile World Congress and CTIA bring us. Yes, these renders are pretty to look at and we hope some of them end in our hands but right now they're just eye candy. [Pocketnow]

  • Anyone else getting bored with the form factor? Seems like all HTC phones look like the last and all phones are starting to look like each other.
  • No. Form factor evolves toward perfection, and as it gets closer the evolution slows down. Still someone tries odd shapes once in a while and gets crushed in the market place. Moto Flipout for example. Fail.
  • yeap you right, i am done with htc and their wash out looking screens, they need to work on getting better screens on their phones.
  • What? Form factor != screen or vice versa
  • What do you want them to look like the iPhone? If you got a better idea for design????
  • I've got to admit, HTC really knows how to make an ugly device. If only there was a company with HTC's functionality, support, and build quality, and Samsung's looks and screens.
  • That's a matter of opinion. I happen to think the Sammys look cheap. Well except for the screens, wow!
  • I like my Incredible, but it is definitely lacking a high quality screen, and some graphics processor strength. Basically, If I could swap those things with my Husband's Samsung Fascinate I'd be extremely happy, BUT it would still have to say HTC on the back.
  • Ha ha ha the first one looks like htc nexus w/o the ball so htc is making this one "the new htc android 2.3" instead of that nexus s... i like what htc is doing... there advancing really nicely...
  • Can't wait to know some specs! !
  • The one on the right looks like an updated Eris or Aria. Almost like the two phones had a baby.
  • 3.2", and a trackball. thank you, somebody :p
  • Would be cool if it had trackball color's the one thing I cannot give up on my Nexus One. I wish that first device pictured had the trackball with built in color alerts, and run on ATT, I would be all over it if/when my Nexus One craps out someday. A Nexus One clone in all black aluminum would be bad ass.
  • Good looking phones. It will be interesting to see if this is just another photoshop job by some nameless source that AC eschews or something actually coming down the pike.
  • And if that's a 4" or bigger screen on the buttonless beauty count me in. I love my DX, but I am one of those who are really leery with Moto right now.
  • i had 3 evo's all with screen problem, 2 htc heros with dirt getting under the screen and people just keep on talking how good the phones build are, i do not get it.
  • htc suck
    had the desire hd
    it had a poor battery life
    But the worst thing about it was the speaker
    The volume was sooo low i couldnt hear anything!
    Just usless.
  • Sure this picure isn't from 2010? Looks like a standard plastic cheap phone. Trackball what year is this not 2000. Trackballs are a joke
  • Well, I see HTC finally came up with an icon for the menu button.
  • Same one that they use on the Nexus One since forever. "Menu" is one of those words that is spelled the same in most western languages.
  • Dorid eris 2 on the right LMAO!
  • If the one on the left had the right specs, I would skip the Thunderbolt for it.
  • Looking at the size and shape of these renders, the one on the left looks similar to the LG optimus line with the one on the right looking similar to a blackberry in size. These could be some new budget oriented mid range android devices.
  • the one on the left looks like a Nexus One without a trackball and has a front cam.......the one on the right looks like a smaller Nexus One...................oh and did i mention there's nothing wrong with that as the Nexus One is one of the sexiest looking phones ever made!
  • I hope HTC comes out with a high end touch only device thats under four inches on Verizon. I'm not a big fan of the bigger screens. The Nexus One is probably my all time favorite phone form factor wise, with the DInc right behind it, I just didn't really like the odd back on that one.
  • I want to see the phone on the left announced at Sprint's February 7th event in NYC. Don't get me wrong.... I love my EVO, but it could use with a few softer edges and a search button that doesn't activate every time I pick up the phone. ;-)
  • Looks like a Nexus T and a Nexus Two to me. I've been holding out on picking up a Nexus S for many reasons (no notification LED, no SD). Hopefully HTC will release a proper high quality Nexus 2.3 or 2.4 device
  • reminds me of an HTC Touch HD on the left
  • Come my upgrade, I really hope the Incredible's trackpad will return with something that will still fit in my pocket.
  • these could be high end phones, or at least the one on the left..or pop a nice processor in a smaller screen like that it would certaintly pack a mean punch. I love the phones htc makes, nice and simple. Easy lines and cuts on the metals. I love it. The right could be an upgraded aria. I mean look at the cliq2. Its got a nice processor and a nice sized screen. It seems that front facing cameras could be standard for future smart phones. AND HEY, I THINK MY G2'S SCREEN IS BEAUTIFUL!
  • Tegra with Retina display please. I won't take anything less.
  • I agree that all HTC phones are way too similar in style. I disagree with the opinion that they're ugly phones though but I hope some new ideas come through even if it's small changes.
  • They both look like photochops of a Nexus One.
  • HTC phones are for the most part beautiful compared to Moto or Sammy phones
  • the one on the right reminds me of my European HTC wildire with a trackball instead of a trackpad. If this is what this is, then I'll hit that up because my Wildfire is ballin' but I'd like a trackball for a remininsce of my Blackberry
  • im wit jerry all day.