add-ons for Firefox mobile

You've probably noticed we love Firefox mobile.  With good reason, the desktop client is clearly a great bit of software and everything we've seen makes us think the mobile version will be too.  Well it looks like the Maemo version of Firefox Mobile 1.1 (Fennec for us geeks) is about ready for a beta release. What's uber-cool, and surely will be in the Android version is the ability for add-ons to hook into the app.  Yes, pretty much like they do in the desktop application.  The highlights here are easily the site identy information (above) and the save as pdf feature of readability.

At present there are over 90 add-ons for mobile FireFox, and I'm sure as Mozilla keeps advancing the project we will see more of them spring up.  Yes for Android too.  There's a couple more screen shots after the break, well worth a look.

pop up blocker settings for Firefox mobile

pop up blocker in mobile Firefox


save as pdf file in Firefox mobile

save as pdf feature