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New Android 2.1 build coming soon to your favorite Nexus One ROM

For those of you who are into putting custom ROMs on your Nexus One (and with as painless as it is, there's really no reason not to, right?), know that there's a new build in the wild. Redmond Pie breaks it down:

Compared to the last leaked build ERE36B, kernel and radio remains same, while there are some new changes in system/framework/*, system/app/*.apk and The kernel version for this ROM is 2.6.29-01117-g4bc62c2 android-build@apa26 #1 while baseband version is

Mmmmmmk. Flash 10.1 isn't in this version, so we're still going to have to wait on that. Either way, look for it to make it into your favorite cooked Nexus One ROM any time now. [Redmond Pie] Thanks, Taimur!

  • This is why I hope Sprint gets the Nexus One. The Legend isn't a bad phone, but Sense will always keep it 3-5 months behind in kernel updates (not to mention the lower likelihood of Flash 10.1 running on the Legend's slower processor). I just want a phone with a la carte Android.
  • With The nexus One going to Verizon I highly doubt it will go to Sprint , besides Sprint has it own 4.3 inch screen phone coming out that runs on its 4g network , the name of that phone escapes me at the moment however
  • That's the Supersonic. The N1 is going to Verizon, but that doesn't make it exclusive (the TP2 is on both carriers, for instance). Jeff Jarvis said in a This Week in Google podcast that Eric Schmitt mentioned in a keynote that the N1 would be available for all four major US carriers. I've seen a few hints that Sprint's getting the N1, but obviously there's not nearly as much evidence as there is for Verizon. We'll know more in a couple of weeks at CTIA, where Dan Hesse will keynote. I'm interested in the Supersonic, but more interested in the N1, which is more pocket-friendly and is stock Android without the overhead of Sense. Besides, I live in Los Angeles, so 4G compatibility is irrelevant this year, since LA's not on the roadmap.