Nexus One with AT&T 3G bands may be coming

Those of you (erm, us) who sprung some cash early to be able to use the unlocked Nexus One on AT&T -- and to do so only on EDGE -- might soon regret that purchase. Engadget has spied another phone going through the FCC that's just one digit off the current Nexus One, which usually means a variation on a device. What's more is that it sports the 3G bands used by AT&T in the United States (and Telus, Rogers and Bell in Canada). As for whether it's coming to any of those carriers or will even be available unlocked remains to be seen. But we've got our fingers crossed. [FCC via Engadget]

Phil Nickinson
  • If ATT gets this phone before Verizon, I am going to be very upset.
  • you and me both...
  • I dont care either way , very happy with T-Mobile and there service where I live , 3G speeds have been awesome and even when on edge phone performs well , cant beat there price either , customer service is great as well . AT&T , Verizon ? No thanks
  • This might be the Verizon version of the phone thats on the website as coming soon?
  • What where is my verizon phone!!!!! Ughhh I know it is prolly easier to modify the phone to another GSM band but can I atleast ger a Date on Verizon!
  • Eh, sell this one and buy that one. No biggie.
  • Looking forward to this. I am tired of my iPhone and want something new.
  • Does it keep have the USA T-mobile bands?
  • If it's been spotted going through FCC, how long does it usually take to get a (legitimate) release date? I was going to buy the Nexus One next week, but if we find out something legit soon, I will hold off.
  • Chances of this just appearing on the Google site before the Verizon N1 is launched is slim to none. I would say this is months away if it ever shows up.
  • if indeed this supports att 3g, why the hell did they not add this along side tmo 3g making the n1 a quad 3g phone at least within the gsm world. are there any technical hurdles that impedes creating such phone?
  • looks like im going to return my nexus and wait for the att one :(
  • I hope this isn't AT&T's way of dealing with the possibility that they might lose the iPhone contract...
  • @NookSurfer
    I seriously doubt that since Apple just announced the iPad EXCLUSIVELY for At&t...
  • I would love it if it did! Being that I am stuck with AT&T (3G has recently expanded in my area, so I'm not griping that much) I have been waiting for an Android phone. I'm not holding my breath though, but we'll just see what happens.
  • Could this possibly be for Vodafone? I do not know what bands Vodafone uses though. They might not advertise it as an AT&T phone but if they are on the same bands then an unlocked version would work on AT&T and that may be why it had to pass muster with the FCC.