Arlo Pro vs. Arlo Pro 2: What are the differences and which should you buy?

Arlo Pro

The Arlo Pro kit makes for a great entry-level security system that features an easy 100 percent wireless installation. Extras like 2-way audio and audio detection are a plus, but the lack of 1080p video and custom defined zones are a bit of a downer.

Arlo Pro

Wire-free; hassle-free

100 percent wireless.
2-way audio support.
Night vision.
130-degree field of view.
720p resolution .
No defined activity zone.
No 24/7 recording.

Arlo Pro 2

The Arlo Pro 2 builds on the success of the original Arlo Pro and adds much-requested features like 1080p recording and full-time surveillance (with optional local storage). However, features like this drive the price up and it's quite expensive.

Arlo Pro 2

Pro redefined

100 percent wireless.
1080p video.
24/7 recording with a local storage option.
130-degree field of view.
Battery life can be spotty.

The Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 systems are nearly identical. That's great because they have a list of features that make them stand out among other DIY security system options. One major difference is the price. Arlo Pro 2 clocks in about $120 more expensive than the original for a 2-piece kit. Have a look and see if the extras are worth the price bump.

Impressive specs

DIY home security has seen a boom in recent years. Smart homes and new tech offer ways to fit cameras into our lives like never before, and well-established companies like Arlo are now offering comprehensive solutions that can rival multi-thousand dollar professional installation.

The Arlo Pro name comes highly recommended by just about everyone, and the release of the latest generation — the aptly named Arlo Pro 2 — brings about a few more features that make Arlo a name you need to look at before you buy any security system. The list of features speaks for itself.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Arlo ProArlo Pro 2
24/7 recordingNoYes, using optional local storage
2-way audioYesYes
Field of view130-degrees130-degrees
Night VisionYesYes
Local StorageYes, optionalYes, optional
Custom Activity ZonesNoYes
AlertsMotion and audioMotion and audio
CompatibilityAll Arlo systemsAll Arlo systems

The major differences between the Arlo Pro and the Arlo Pro 2 system are highlighted in this impressive list of features. 1080p vs. 720p video, the lack of a 24/7 "surveillance" option, and no ability to create custom zones to monitor activity are features the original Arlo Pro system lacks.

These features bring about a healthy increase in price, though. For a comparable system consisting of two cameras, a base station with alarm, two batteries, and a charger, the Arlo Pro 2 costs $120 more. To put that into perspective, it's more than the cost of an Arlo Smart Home Security Light to add into your system. $120 is real money. Arlo's cloud storage — seven days of recordings for free with multiple inexpensive upgrade options — is the same price for either system.

The system that's best for you depends on more than the price. The Arlo Pro 2's 24/7 recording feature — the base station has a USB connection for a storage device — is a must for some of us, as is the 1080p recording. The best feature, though, is the user-definable capture zones. Through the Arlo app, you can tell the camera where to look for motion before it begins recording. When you're using the camera totally wire-free and running off of the battery, this can mean a much longer battery life.

Unless $120 is just too much of a difference to swallow, we recommend the Arlo Pro 2 as the better purchase.

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