Netflix update makes it even easier to binge watch your favorite shows

The latest update to the Netflix for Android app has improved what they call the "post-play" experience, making it even easier to jump to the next episode in a series. While Netflix users have long enjoyed auto-play of the next episode, the new version slaps a bright red "Play next episode" button on the screen as the credits start to roll, saving you those extra few seconds when it comes to binging through whatever you're watching.

The update comes right in time, too, as the second season of the sleeper hit Orange is the New Black premiered this week to the delight of fans of the Netflix original series. Those watching Netflix on their Android phone will be able to skip right ahead to the next TV episode or movie in their list, while those watching Netflix on an Android tablet only get to skip ahead on movies. The latest version of Netflix is available from the Google Play Store.

With this new-found ability to jump ahead with a single tap, what are you going to binge on from Netflix next?