Nest has introduced a new communication protocol to allow connected home devices to talk to each other and Nest, called Weave. With Weave, developers will be able to tap into the speed and reliability that Nest has built over the years to add additional functionality to their own products. Until now, developers have been able to tap into Nests cloud API, which provided access to connect to Nest, but required an Internet connection.

Since not all home products are able to run on Wi-Fi, Nest developed Weave to fill the void.

Nest Weave lets devices talk directly to each other and to Nest. And because it's reliable, compact and secure, it works great for all kinds of products – like a lightbulb that needs to turn on and off without any lag time, or a door lock that runs on battery power, or a security system that needs to work even if Wi-Fi goes down.

Nest will be making it easier to identify products that work with its services with a new "Works with Nest" logo that you will find on various products. The company will be creating a Works with Nest Store in the future to make discovery that much easier as well.

Source: Nest