Nanoleaf teams up with Amazon's Eero to expand the Thread ecosystem

Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look
Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look (Image credit: Nanoleaf)

What you need to know

  • Nanoleaf has rolled out its own Thread Border Routers via the Nanoleaf Shapes and Elements controllers.
  • The Thread Border Router function helps eliminate the need for extra hubs.
  • Nanoleaf is also partnering with Eero to launch the brand's mesh Wi-Fi routers as Thread Border Routers.

Popular smart lighting maker Nanoleaf is rolling out Thread Border Router support to its Shapes and Elements controllers. Nanoleaf Essentials devices can now "automatically start using the Thread network once their Shapes or Elements controller is connected to Wi-Fi." The ability is already live for iOS users, while Android users will need to wait just a little longer. Nanoleaf says it will eventually open up Thread capabilities to all users.

Additionally, Nanoleaf has announced that it is partnering with Amazon's Eero to broaden the Thread ecosystem with the brand's mesh Wi-Fi routers launching as Thread Border Routers. Eero's best mesh Wi-Fi routers — including the Eero Pro, Eero Beacon, Eero Pro 6, and Eero 6, will now work as Border Routers with Nanoleaf's Essentials line. Nanoleaf says it will work with Eero to expand compatibility to other products with future updates.

Since the Thread Border Router function is built into the Nanoleaf Shapes controller, Nanoleaf Elements controller, and eero mesh Wi-Fi routers, they can bridge the Wi-Fi network to a Thread network, without the need for extra hubs. This allows all your Thread-enabled devices to be connected together, forming a mesh network enabling each device to "speak the same universal language." This, Nanoleaf says, allows for a more reliable network than relying on a single connection source such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

If you have a Shapes or Elements controller, you can begin using Thread immediately after installing a software update available in the Nanoleaf app (version 6.1). To install the update, head over to More > Firmware Updates. Essentials users will also have to update the firmware version to 1.6, while Shapes and Elements must be updated to version 6.1.

Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look

Nanoleaf Elements

Nanoleaf's "wood look" Elements panels have been designed to look gorgeous on or off. The modular panels allow you to create a personalized lighting designs by arranging them into any configuration you want.

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