MyTouch 3G Slide rooted -- you just can't stop Android hackers

And another new phone falls to the genius of the Android hacking community.  You'll recognize the names -- eugene373, Paul O'Brien, and Koushik Dutta.  These guys used the fake OTA method that was devised for the HTC Droid Incredible to crack the MyTouch3G Slide wide open, add the necessary files, and write a custom recovery to the phone.  This makes it wide open and ready for ROMs and Metamorphing and all the other goodness that comes with root.  Eugene373 has worked up a clear set of instructions, and all the tools and files needed are at the source link.

The Slide is a pretty darn nice phone to start with, and this just made it better.  Only thing left is to convince the wife I need another phone.  [xda-developers via Twitter] Thanks William! 

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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