Mythical Nexus tablet reportedly could surface in May, says oft-wrong publication

Digitimes, the manufacturing rumormonger that everybody loves to source but nobody ever admits to actually believing (we're guilty of this as well), today says that the long-rumored but never substantiated "Nexus tablet" could debut as early as May. It would cost between $199 and $249, the publication says, and be manufactured by ASUS. 

Those are all plausible statements, especially given that ASUS showed off a $250 7-inch quad-core tablet at NVIDIA's CES press event, then promptly hid it away. (That's what you see above.) On the other hand, Digitimes' sources also said that this rumored tablet would be "the first using Google Play Store," which makes absolutely no sense, because everything now uses the Google Play Store. And it might be cutting things a little close if production really was to begin in April.

In other words, maybe it exists, maybe it doesn't.

Source (more or less): Digitimes

Phil Nickinson