The mythical HTC Merge appears (or is still?) in Verizon's inventory system

It's the eve of Mobile World Congress, and what do we have here? Why, yes, it's another HTC Merge story. The phone that JUST WONT'T DIE apparently is in Verizon's inventory system, according to this image we were tipped to. The question is whether it's new, or if it's been there all along as a placeholder. Either way, another interesting entry in the journal of the phone that never was meant to be.

Oh, and, yes, there's the HTC Thunderbolt, with a listed MSRP of $615. How's about that? And if you're still interested about the Merge, be sure to check out our exclusive hands-on preview, video review, benchmarks and more. It's what we do, ya know. Thanks, darkerDROID24!

Phil Nickinson