As someone who edits video on a Mac and writes scripts on a Pixel C, I've never paid Chromebooks much mind. They always seemed too spartan, too reliant on a constant connection to the internet, so I basically ignored the entire category.

That is, until a few months ago. When the news broke that Chromebook shipments had eclipsed those of the Mac for the first time, it got my attention. Even if many of those units went to education and corporate customers, that was a whole lot of Chromebooks – so I started wondering what was I missing out on. If I were still a college student (or if I were as frugal as I should be) could I use a Chromebook on the daily?

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I spent a few days with the ASUS Chromebook Flip to get a taste of what using ChromeOS was like. What I found was that it's not for me – I'll stick with the Pixel C for my convertible needs – but that it might be a perfect fit for an alternate-universe me who's just now shipping off to school. Check out my first Chromebook experience ... and if you have one, let me know what you use yours for!