The Mpow X5 hybrid true wireless earbuds have active noise-cancelling and are on sale for just $40

Mpow X5 Earbuds
Mpow X5 Earbuds

The Mpow X5 hybrid active noise-cancelling true wireless earbuds have dropped to $39.99 when you use the code 5DO3T3KJ during checkout and clip the $10 off on-page coupon. You have to stack the discounts to save the most. The earbuds are $60 without these discounts, and they only dropped to that price in late December. Before that they were going for around $66. Direct price drops have never gone as low as today's deal.

The hybrid active noise-cancellation on these earbuds uses an outward-facing mic to capture the bad noises and an inward mic to monitor the sound reaching your ears, then uses anti-noise to cancel out the bad stuff. Has 32-hour battery with the case.

So the Mpow X5 have a hybrid active noise-cancellation system in place. This works by using an outward-facing mic on the earbuds to monitor the outside noises. An inward-facing mic monitors the ear canal. The earbuds then use an equal amount of anti-noise to eliminate the unnecessary stuff, and the two mics working together basically double the noise-cancelling effect. You get your music in an even more immersive way than other earbuds.

You can also activate Transparency Mode when you do need to hear what's going on around you and don't want to remove the earbuds. That can be helpful if someone tries to talk to you while the ANC is active or you need to hear sounds while you commute like traffic.

The battery life for the X5 is also pretty fantastic. You get eight hours of life per earbud, and the included charging case provides an additional 24 hours of backup power. That's 32 hours of life before you ever have to plug into a wall, and even then the charging case charges via USB-C so it's fast.

Other features include Smart Touch, which gives you the ability to manipulate the earbuds quickly and simply. The Bluetooth 5.0 tech also ensures very little interuptions, wide compatibility with mobile devices, and lower power consumption. The earbuds pair easily, too. All you have to do is remove both of them from the case to pair automatically.

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