Mozilla set to take on Google Chromecast

Mozilla is set to take on Google's Chromecast with their own device powered by Firefox OS. Details on the unannounced streaming stick have been leaked and a video of the UI has been made.

Chromecast is a little streaming stick that you can plug directly into the HDMI-port on your television. Then Android phones and tablets can be streaming to your TV through the Chromecast. Mozilla's secret new project will offer similar functionality, but will be running Firefox OS. Mozilla won't be making the hardware, instead they're working with an unnamed partner to make the device.

Check out the UI in action below:

Pretty cool that this device works with some Chromecast apps already.

Would you be interested in a streaming stick from Mozilla? Sound off below.

Source: GigaOm

Sam Sabri
  • Google says good luck with that Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5
  • +1 Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3
  • Pretty much this.
    I've only got so many ports on the back of my tv, and Mozilla's ecosystem isn't anywhere near big enough to dislodge Google.
  • I don't know, give me a 30 dollar stick with screen mirroring as good as on aTV and we will talk.
  • Why would I want to buy a knockoff device that emulates a Chromecast, when I can have the real thing for just $35? Posted via Android Central App
  • Perhaps it will be less locked down and more flexible with what you can do with it. At least that is what I'm hoping. Posted via Android Central App
  • As am I. I'd like this if it also did screen mirroring and perhaps a fee other features that were cheap to implement. Posted via AC App from my S4 mini WITH an LED CrackLight ;-)
  • If that's the case, Google will just edit some code and open the Chromecast wide, rendering the Mozilla thingy useless.
  • I highly doubt that... Google has proven to be "control freaks"... If they believed in making things "more open" they would never have locked down SD Cards in Android devices with 4.4
  • Google control freaks? Have you heard about a small company called Apple, Inc? Go ahead, bing them. :)
  • The lockdown of the SDcard is because of security. There is a nice article about it here on AC. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'd kill for a Google android stick that makes my TV turn into a tablet with a keyboard and game controller. all the third party ones are buggy and have problems. Archos made one called TV connect but it only released in Germany it looked like
  • Exactly I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.
  • If it supports Amazon Video, it will be infinitely more useful to me than the Chromecast. If not, then yeah... pretty much what you said.
  • Or ask Amzon to build in Chromecast support like Netflix does? Posted via Android Central App
  • No unless it's either much cheaper or has more functionality than the Chromecast which I doubt...
  • Yeah um no. Been holding out to see if Google will make a CC2. Thoughts on that? Posted via Android Central App
  • Im thinking the successor will be more like a set top box, maybe even the hub for your home network (Android@Home). It will cost more Im sure as well.
  • In that case it doesn't sound like a cc2 Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5
  • Is it even possible to make a second Chromecast without making it something completely different? I mean other than slightly different (upgraded) internals...basically any major changes will come through software, no?
    Posted via Android Central App
  • I would think so. It isn't like you can do much with design and very little with onternals Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah exactly...I mean cool if they can update the hardware somehow while keeping the same price point. But as long as they keep opening up the software, they're golden. Posted via Android Central App
  • On the hardware end, 802.11ac wifi would be nice. If we wanted to get kind of out there, maybe a small battery so I could pop it into a friend's TV without having to bother with a USB cable. On the software end, by far the most important thing I'd like to see is a limited browser so that I you can use it on wifi networks with browser-based access authentication (e.g., hotels). Support for more video codecs when it comes to streaming local media would also be nice.
  • OK you make a good point, but again, the biggest things will be through software. In terms of functionality. Posted via Android Central App
  • WiFi AC is a hardware thing, and is by far the biggest shortcoming of the Chromecast. The lack of support for 5 Ghz WiFi is such a huge headache in densely populated areas. I get about 15 Mbps tops on my 2. 4 Ghz network and 55 Mbps on my 5 Ghz network. 15 is just not quite fast enough. It drops the video quality down on Netflix regularly and HDX quality video from Vudu is pretty much a no-go. The Roku stick has dual band wifi (N not AC, but it's better than Chromecast) and only costs $15 more than the Chromecast. I would GLADLY pay $10-15 extra for a dual band Chromecast were it available. Posted via Android Central App
  • This just made me hold out on buying one. I was just about to get two tonight but decided last minute to wait. Thanks Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah, I'm holding out on the "internet of things" devices like chromecast for that reason. If I run the app WIFI Analyzer, I've got about two dozen strong 2.4ghz signals bouncing around my house, each one overlapping several adjacent channels (suburban single family home neighborhood with reasonably sized yards). As typical, most settle in on one of 3 channels to minimize the overlap. That makes it about 8 networks on each of the three channels in the 2.4 ghz band. If I run WIFI analyzer on the 5ghz band. There is one signal. It is mine. And it doesn't even overlap with the adjacent channels if some others joined me in using the 5ghz band. They all could have their own channels too. So, I'll keep the PC as part of the home theater system (which has many other advantages besides just 5ghz capabilities over a chrome cast). Why this whole crop of "revolutionary, internet of things" products believe that every wireless network out there is over 10 years old, I just cannot figure out.
  • No 5Ghz was the biggest letdown for me with the Chromecast. The other thing I'd love to see added to hardware is a 3.5mm audio out so that I don't have to use an adapter to setup chromecasts as Wifi based room audio controllers. A software update to go along with the audio out and sync multiple chromecasts/configure zones similar to Sonos would be great as well. I will be wiring up the bedroom speakers in my house soon and it would be great to strip the $10-15 adapter out of my per unit cost. :D
  • If they want this thing to be successful at all, it has to cost less than the Chromecast, right? I mean, if it's $35 or higher then what the heck is the point?
  • Bingo. And Mozilla doesn't have the marketing cache and recognition that Google does. Posted via Android Central App
  • Sadly, I won't I'm satisfied with my chromecast. I don't think this will be a threat unless it goes cheaper and has more features. Posted via Android Central App
  • This is exactly how the youtube app on some Samsung TVs looks and can be controlled.
  • Has to be under $20 to compete, otherwise people will pony up an extra $15 for Google's brand reliability Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy S5/Galaxy Note 3
  • That's just cute. via Android Central App on my M8
  • I'll just buy a TV with this functionality included. Posted via Android Central App
  • And spend the few hundred extra for something that doesn't get update.
  • Agreed. I have a Vizio smart-ish TV. It has apps for Netflix, Hulu, etc. I still use the Chromecast instead of the native apps, though, because the native apps haven't been updated in the three years since I bought the TV. I'd rather save money by buying a TV with the nicest possible display with the least possible extraneous features and just use modular components to add the functionality that I want. I should point out that I'm otherwise really happy with the TV, though.
  • This can't beat a Chromecast you can probably get one for 15 bucks now Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5
  • I've already got a Chromecast on every set in the house, they're going to have to do more than mimic existing functionality to get me to open the wallet. You want to get my attention? Throw an audio jack on this thing so I can turn my existing iPod docks into Sonoses for $35 bucks.
  • Exactly I have 2 of them and it's a good cheap way to view Netflix or something all around the house Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5
  • If I can use a hotel wifi then yes. This where Chromecsst sucks. Posted via Android Central App
  • That's why Chromecast needs a browser Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5
  • This. I just tried to use my Chromecast in my hotel room, yesterday, only to remember that the hotel's wifi has a splash screen. Adding a browser to the Chromecast would be the next best update that it could receive.
  • YES. If they could add that, I'd buy another one just to keep in my work backpack. The wifi is only good enough for decent Netflix streaming in like half of the hotels I stay in, but that'd still be well worth the purchase of a second one.
  • +1 brother
  • everyone in the hotel will be clicking on the new cast button showing up on their screens lol. I wonder if this is a feature.
  • Somes use a router with chromecast configured in it so they can use it in the hotel room, a local wifi network between their phone and the chromecast connected to the tv.
  • True but far from a solution Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5
  • I would never use a device like this with a cap I could lose... Posted via Android Central App
  • Go Moz! +1 for alternatives and competition. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1 Can't really fault them for trying to compete.
  • Agreed, it just has an uphill battle for success. Posted via Android Central App
  • plz google make chromecast 2 with 5ghz wifi freq, its pita for ppl living in apartment buildings !!
  • I only use hdmi cables. I cannot justify the purchase of a chromecast or any similar device. Posted via Android Central App
  • Sounds like maybe you moss the point of a CC, but whatever. To each their own. Posted via Android Central App
  • I wish them good luck, but due to the widespread adaption of Chromecast, I doubt this is going to pick up. Posted via Android Central App
  • I do have one TV that doesn't have a Chromecast yet, so if this is free then I'll get one.
  • Your comments always get a laugh outta me lol.
  • It doesn't have to be less expensive. But if it's not, there needs to be a compelling reason.
  • Is there any media sticks available like a chromecast that allows u to web browse? Been holding out on buying chromecast because of the lack of web browsing Posted via T-Mobile HTC One M8
  • I wish they would make a device that works with WiFi Direct so you don't even need a WiFi connection.
  • This is just another "me too" story... I don't see why this is necessary. Posted via Android Central App
    Asus Nexus 7 LTE (2013) - stock
  • It is cool and I would probably be interested if I didn't already have 3 Chromecasts. Posted via Android Central App
  • Already Google Chromecast is cheap.. If this is cheaper.. and available in India, then definitely I will buy it
  • Nah. I like my chromecast Posted via Android Central App
  • What does the Fox say? Posted via Ash William's Boomstick
  • Mozilla is still a thing?
  • Looks a lot like a Chromecast anyhow, the reason the Chromecast button works with it is that it runs the same service as the chromecast even internet connected TiVo boxes can use Chromecast apps that have been installed on the device - Netflix and YouTube for example Posted via Stock Nexus 4*
  • If that's an hdmi end, that's enormous Posted via Android Central App
  • I guess Chromecast is OK if you have a TV that's like 5 years old (and older). But between my Bravia W802, Bluray player and Wii U I have 3 ways to do what Chromecast does already. Posted via Android Central App
  • This tech is going to be built in to televisions pretty soon. mozilla have their eye on a slice of the licensing pie. Posted via Android Central App
  • Waste of time... Posted via Android Central App
  • Android TV stick, job done. Posted via Android Central App
  • Chromecast+showbox=sattelite tv cancelled moved from nexus 5 to HTCm8
  • If it can do what a Chromecast does for the same price and includes a nice built-in browser I'll take it.
  • Just wondering. Does anyone at Mozilla realize that Google owns YouTube and Google Play? Posted via Android Central App