Movies now available to rent from Android Market

Google just announced at IO that they are adding the ability to rent through the Android Market. The Market added Books not too long ago, and Movies looks to follow in the same way.

Users will be able to rent movies for 30 days through the Market and stream to your device. If you don't want to stream the movies, a playback option called 'pinning' will allow you to watch when you have no connectivity. Any movie you rent will be available on all your devices and the web to watch instantly.

There will be Movies app for tablets starting with Android 3.1 and phones with 2.2 in 'a few weeks'.

For more about the keynote, follow our live blog.

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  • I think the big questions are...what movies and how much? If all I can get are C-movies for 5 bucks, I'm not going to bother. If i can rent newly-released movies for like two or three bucks, I'd seriously consider it.
  • The screen shot seems to answer your qeuestion pretty well. The selection and cost looks comparable to Zune. I can live with this. Actually pretty excited. Hopefully the 3.1 push gets out to wifi only Xooms soon. edit: Just browsed the website. Most expensive looks to be 3.99, cheapest 1.99. I am actually really impressed with the selection since it is so new.
  • very nice. XOOM, Thunderbolt and Google TV here. Love it.
  • Wrong question Duffin. The real question is with services like these that require large loads of legal data streaming how will carriers justify forcing Tiered data plans.
  • Unlimited data on the TBolt.
  • Yeah for now but we all know what is coming this summer.
  • should be for the two years of my contract. but on another note. When I pulled up the market on my laptop and went to the movies, I tried to rent inception and it lets me up to the point of asking me to sign in, which I already was. So I guess as soon as the Xoom update pushes out, it will be good to go.
  • I would guess prices will be pretty much the same as iTunes.
  • Could somebody please explain to me why we still lack a Netflix app for Android because of concerns of DRM from the major studios, but the major studios have no problems letting us rent movies on our phones for a $2.99 or $3.99 fee? Wouldn't the lack of a strong and unified DRM across all the different Android platforms be a deterrent for these companies?
  • I just cancelled my netflix subscription. They have just posted an ad for a "Senior Android Developer", will check back next year.
  • Yeah no kidding, especially seeing as you are allowed to 'pin' the movies for offline viewing... Why is Netflix dragging their feet? That being said I barely watch movies, so I have no idea why I'm complaining... impatient Linux and Android user
  • And then they go and completely redeem themselves!!!! Ok..mostly redeem themselves
  • I got excited when I read the title of this post. Then I saw the price and the terms and completely lost interest. A 24-hour rental for a single platform (I assume it will work on multiple devices tied to the same account!) for $3.99. Have they never heard of RedBox or Blockbuster Express? That's a 24-hour rental for $1. It takes my computer some 20 - 30 minutes to encode for Android, of which about 30 seconds requires my involvement (and there's no way I'd forget to delete that file once I've returned the DVD and accidentally end up with an unrestricted copy of the movie for $1). So, how do they justify $3.99?
  • has anyone successfully rented, yet?
    i have the market up--the option's there--but i don't want to click 'RENT' just in case...i'm at work...oy. Google just needs to buy Netflix already.
  • about time
  • Would also be nice if Google standardized video out so all Android devices had system-level video out. For example, my Atrix has an HDMI port but it seemingly only works with Motorola's built-in interface? So even though I can rent movies with the Blockbuster app (or this new Google Movies app), I can't watch it on TV.
  • Shouldn't Google put some Hardware requirements (like Microsoft on WP7) for this sort of things
    Yes it could work on phones like Droid X , Evo , TBolt , Atrix , Galaxy S , ... etc (you know High-End or at least any big screen) but , common you can't expect to run Full HD movies on something like the Hero,Legend,Xperia Mini, ... etc (No offense) or anything with a MPDI screens It will just make the "Movie Experience" Even worse
  • This will be perfect except that my carrier is slowing me down when i reached 5GB.
  • As "montgoss" posted above, you do NOT get to "rent" the movie for 30 days, in that you do not get to watch it multiple times over 30 days. You "rent" the movie and can start watching it anytime over the 30 day window, but once you start the movie, you only have 24 hours to view it. The statement "Users will be able to rent movies for 30 days through the Market and stream to your device." is a bit misleading in that regard.
    Bummer. Might have been worth it if you could see the movie multiple times over 30 days, but with essentially only 24hours to see it, I'm sticking with Red Box...