Motorola's sending us a magical mystery box on Feb. 25

Yep, Motorola has given us warning that we can expect some sort of "exciting announcement" next week, and that "everything you'll need fits inside one box." We have absolutely no idea what to expect come Feb. 25.

Yes, it could be a new watch, though there's absolutely no evidence to support that just yet. Yes, the timing is just before Mobile World Congress. But that also might or might not mean anything. Sure, a new phone or tablet is possible. The simple fact is is that nobody knows. Well, nobody but Motorola, that is. And the "everything you need fits" line sure makes it sound like it's maybe more than one something? (Or some crazy Project Ara stuff? Who knows ...)

So do your best Brad Pitt and speculate at will in the comments if you'd like. We'll all find out next week.

Phil Nickinson