Motorola's 'Morrison' is a T-Mobile Android Device

We had previously reported on the leaked T-Mobile 2009 roadmap that showcased T-mobile's Android plans for 2009 specifically, the G1 v2 aka Bigfoot and the Samsung Houdini. If you remember correctly, there were black boxes blocking out certain devices in that picture but according to TmoToday, those boxes were covering the Motorola Android Device--the 'Morrison'.

Details of the Moto Morrison are unknown. From the image above it looks like the Morrison will be a slider-type device. Unlike devices like the Palm Pre, the Morrison looks to continue the horizontal slider trend of Android devices. Other than that, we know pretty much nothing about the Morrison. If these release dates are to be believed, you can expect the Morrison to be available during the holiday season.

Come on Motorola, we have faith in you. Put out an amazing Android device please!

[via tmotoday]

Casey Chan