Motorola updates its boot animation, is now 'Powered by Android'

What do the Loch Ness Monster, a UFO, a Sasquatch and "Powered by Android" have in common? They're all on the new Motorola boot animation. Motorola today updated its "Boot Services" app in Google Play, and with it comes a new animation. Gone is the old world animation, the "a Google company" tag line — which makes sense after Motorola was unloaded to Lenovo.

And arrived is the new "Powered by Android" line, which we recently learned has been mandated by the folks in charge.

This isn't the first time we've seen Motorola change up its boot animation — its phones got a holiday theme last year as well. This one continues with the fun theme, showing three mysterious creatures — Nessie, a flying saucer and Sasquatch before focusing in on the Motorola logo in a sort of spotlight. Not sure how that ties into the overall branding, but it is fun — and, yes, brings the phones more in line Google's vision, even if only in the boot splash.

Phil Nickinson