Motorola soak test brings Android 4.4.4 to Verizon Moto X

Moto X owners on Verizon Wireless are beginning to receive soak test email notices. We've been tipped by loyal Android Central readers that these emails are beginning to go out, though no specifics were mentioned on what the soak tests will be for we are guessing that an update to Android 4.4.4 KitKat is imminent.

The soak test follows news that Motorola's Android 4.4.4 upgrade is "well under way," leading us to believe that once the results of the soak tests for the Moto X are good, then Motorola and Verizon will send an OTA update to all consumers.

In addition to the Moto X, it looks like Verizon's other Motorola phones are also getting the update treatment with support docs being published for the Android 4.4.4 upgrade for the Droid Ultra, Maxx, and Mini.

Are you part of the soak test program? Any changes or improvements you can share with the community with the latest tests?

Chuong H Nguyen